40 - RAZORWINGS - Roll 1 die and subtract 2 from the result to determine how many woulds the Razorwings inflict.

39 - SHADE - Keep this card. At the start of each of your turns, roll 2 dice:
(2) You are Killed!
(3-12) Continue your turn as normal.

Discarad this card if you enter the Catacombs or exit Dragonfire Dungeon.

5 - SKELETON - You may attack or try to escape. If you attack or fail to escape, you must resolve a combat.

42 - TRAPDOOR - Keep this card. At the start of teach of your turns, test Agility to climb out of the trap. If you succeed, discard this card and continue your turn as normal. If you fail, suffer 1 wound and your turn immediately ends.

18 - EMPTY - The room is empty; nothing happens.