43 - SWINGING BLADE - Test Armor. If you fail, you are killed!

47 - UNSTABLE POTION - You may discard the Potion at the start of your turn and roll 2 dice:
(2) You are killed
(3-4) Suffer 6 Wounds
(5-6) Suffer 3 Wounds
(7) No effect
(8-10) Heal up to 3 Wounds
(11-12) Heal up to 6 Wounds

49 - SHUFFLE - Discard this card. Then mix together the Dungeon deck and Dungeon discard pile and shuffle them. Then draw another card from the Dungeon deck and continue your turn as normal.

28 - DEAD ADVENTURER - You may search the body for treasure. IF you choose to do so, draw 1 Corpse card.

5 - SKELETON - You may attack or try to escape. If you attack or fail to escape, you must resolve a combat.