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Where's Brother Magneto?
Jason Mical (02/21/2011)
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Jason Mical Brother Magneto HeroClix InterviewJason Mical was one of the big men at Wizkids, before leaving in 2006. HeroClix World caught up with Jason to find out what he's been up to.

I think most everyone knows that I left WizKids in 2006 to work on the Xbox account at Edelman Public Relations. Edelman is the world's largest independent PR firm and it was a very different work environment from WizKids: I went from a startup family company to being at an agency servicing one of the largest corporations in the world. It was still gaming but from a very different perspective. I learned a lot and was able to put my skills to good use by joining the digital PR practice at Edelman - it should come as no surprise to you guys that online communities are my area of interest (and I'd like to think my expertise) so it was an incredible opportunity to work with companies and encourage them to communicate with their online communities in the same way that I got to work with the HeroClix community at WizKids.

In 2007 my wife was transferred to London for a two-year stint and Edelman was awesome and offered me a position in their digital practice there as well. I didn't work on gaming nearly as much but instead got to work with some really diverse clients, from Visa to Krispy Kreme to Snickers (I met Mr. T!) to Johnnie Walker and Bushmills, which helped me discover a newfound passion for fine whisky.

Jason Mical Brother Magneto HeroClix InterviewLate last year we came back to Seattle and I got a call from a former WizKids colleague who suggested I apply for a PR Director position at En Masse Entertainment, an MMO publishing company. I'd been doing agency PR for almost four years at that point and was looking for something a little less high-octane so I applied. Halfway through my interview they said 'hey, you've got a lot of community expertise, why don't you be our community director instead?' and I agreed - and here I am.

My job at En Masse is a really unique and fun opportunity: we've got a really great MMO called TERA, the company understands how digital communications fits into marketing, and I came on at exactly the right time to run the digital and community campaign from the beginning phases after our game launches (and beyond!) It's the kind of chance you don't often get in this industry. (official TERA Website)

We also have an exclusive interview with Jason "Brother Magneto" Mical here.

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Your Comments:
On the realms im majornick933 btw. Its good to hear you still talk with old co-workers. I dont, and I do regret that. I will say it again: NECA should hire you. I really like what neca has done with the game, getting rid of REV (acyually, I think WK did that) and im excited for the new oreo dials, but there were alot of cool things that happened at original wizkids. Alot of sculpts were way better than they are now. Im trying to get a house of M magneto and legacy one (I love magneto too)! I dont think neca uses the realms, which I think they should to communicate with there fans like you did when working for WK.

Posted by: Nick on 3/24/2011 3:31:22 PM
Hey Nick, thanks for the kind words! I actually left WizKids by choice, I had an opportunity to go work on the Xbox and it was a really good move for my career. If NECA ever wanted to talk to me about a position I'd definitely hear them out. HeroClix is not just my passion, it was the means to my career and an amazing way to work in an environment unlike any other. I'm still friends with many of my former WizKids colleagues and still drop in on HCRealms from time to time to see some of the old faces there.

Thanks again!

Posted by: Jason (AKA BrotherMagneto) on 3/21/2011 12:36:45 PM
What happened at WK? Was this guy fired or he quit? Either way, he should ask neca for a job. I just read your 2009 interview, and it inspired me a bit. I started clix about 2 or 3 years,(i stopped playing for gaps in between these years) after the fall of wizkids, but I didnt even know what was going on. As long as I could buy cool figs, I was happy. And then I learned the truth when HoT came out. There was an old wizkids, and a fall of heroclix. I obviously dont know much from the old days, but I love the game. Its sad to see someone who put so much effort in to a product, someone who worked with a community, to just end. As the interview stated you worked with many great people, and had many great experiences. Neca needs people like you.

Posted by: Nick on 3/18/2011 9:00:39 PM
Agricola is fun. you might also like Puerto Rico. Not as complicated, but simular mechanics.

Posted by: Rich on 2/22/2011 10:37:55 AM