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Superman Quick-Start
The Le (08/06/2013)
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Superman Quick Start08-06-2013: Just got word on the new "Superman Quick-Start" Kit. I've been saying for years that the game is too complicated for new players, so it pleases me greatly to see this product make it to the shelves. See official details below.

The Superman Quick Start Kit, as its name implies, is an entry-level product designed to allow new players to ease into HeroClix with an easy-to-follow rules document; rather than confront a new player with the 28 page HeroClix Core Rulebook, the enclosed revised two-page Quick Start Rules sheet is a gentler means of introducing new players to the world of HeroClix.

There are three things that may be apparent when looking at these figures: firstly, all of the standard powers listed on the Character Cards offer a brief description of how they work.  This enables new players to quickly reference the Character Card while they’re playing to best determine what to do on their turn.

Continued below...

Superman Quick Start HeroClix
Superman Quick Start HeroClix

The second thing you may have noticed is both Superman and Lex Luthor are each 100 points.

The third thing that is different about these figures is the inclusion of a purple ring on the Combat Dial. HeroClix veteran players will know that a purple ring on a figure means that this figure is not legal for tournament play.

...the Superman Quick Start Kit is intended to be an evergreen, non-collectible product. This means that we will re-print this Quick Start Kit as demand warrants.

However, if the Tournament legality of these figures is a concern, stores can decide to House Rule these figures as legal for their in-store events (just be sure to post that in your store’s WizKids Event System “House Rules” section!)

The DC HeroClix: Superman Quick Start Kit (SKU 71242) will include the two HeroClix figures above, the Quick Start Rules sheet, and a small (9 x 24) HeroClix map, and is expected to release September 2013.

Retail Price: $4.99

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Your Comments:
@Mantis Warrior: I think it comes down to what the product is. If you call it a Starter Set then it should come with the rules. (And I think most if not all do.) If you call it a Fast Forces, I don't see why the rules should need to be included. Board games and Heroclix are two different types of things. I agree that a board game should come with the rules. Heroclix to me is more similar to Magic and other collectible games. There is no need for each product release to have the rules.

Posted by: PassingBy on 8/8/2013 1:33:35 PM
This is a big step forwards for Clix compared to the las 'Beginners' version. The lessons that needed to be learned from Alpha (not using the actual powers from the game but making up new ones!)have at least been learned. It is a shame they didn't take some of the good bits from Alpha though. Having just 3 different packs with two 100 point models in each and generic, linkable mini-maps would allow new players to build up to two 300 point teams with all the rules they need on the cards.

The pricing is great as are the contents but i'd love to see more than one set. I'm a schoolteacher with a games club so i'm often introducing newbies. I usually use the PAC and pre-carded models of popular characters to teach the rules before introducing the special powered "carded" models. This new set doesn't contain enough to change my system but is a step in the right direction.

@ PassingBy I don't really agree with you on this one. If I see something cool in a store, read the blurb on the back and discover i'll need to research and print the rules myself from a website that may or may not still exist it (depending on the coolness) may be enough to put me off. If you buy any board game you expect to have the rules included, why not in a clix starter set. How much can it cost to print 12 black and white pages and drop it in a box. I agree with you on the point about understanding but I'd like to see them printed.

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 8/8/2013 10:53:33 AM
@Dax: Having the rules online doesn't make the game any more or less difficult to understand. And in this day and age it makes sense. Why make people pay more for a product when the rules are so easily accessible online. Anyone can go online at their public library. And I know if a new player came to a local event around here and couldn't print out the rules, someone in our group would happily do it for them. I'd wager to say most groups are like that.

Posted by: PassingBy on 8/7/2013 2:43:03 PM
"game is too complicated"

More to do with that the rules are always changing. That and new rules are very often only available on line, in stead of given with new starter packs/sets.

Posted by: Dax on 8/7/2013 1:47:35 PM
Lex looks nasty. I'l probably pick one up. Always looking for a way to teach the game.

Posted by: Chackoftp on 8/6/2013 1:13:04 PM