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ClixCraves: TMNT
Eric Schaen & The Le (08/08/2014)
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ClixCraves Presents: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT
The beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around since 1984 in comic form, but it hit it really big in 1987 as a cartoon. In all those years we HeroClix fans have been asking for a TMNT HeroClix, but to no avail.

Well wait no longer because if Wizkids won't make TMNT dials, then HeroClix World will! Inside we present 6 TMNT HeroClix dials for your inner hero (in a halfshell).

ClixCraves is a series of articles discussing HeroClix figures we want to see made. Our selection criteria can be new never-before-seen figures, or it could be a request for remakes of old figures.

First we kick things off with the four Ninja Turtles themselves, starting with the Double-Katana Leonardo!

Dial by Eric Schaen (continued below)

ClixCraves: TMNT - Leonardo HeroClix Dial

A fairly straight forward turtle -- you'll notice right away that these heroes have a brand new Team Ability: Ninja Turtle! We don't see many new TAs anymore, but this set definitely deserves it. Leo is first and foremost the leader of the team, hence his enhanced Leadership abilities. Blades/Claws/Fangs, Precision Strike, Charge, and Flurry are a must for someone with two katanas!

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Your Comments:
Tmnt clixare confirmed and coming this year

Posted by: GoodNewsRoger on 6/8/2015 9:21:09 PM
THANK YOU KARAGNAROK FROM 6 MONTHS AGO! I have since bought a new keyboard.

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 3/25/2015 9:16:27 AM
These are great, and capture the different fighting styles. I would've bet the farm we were going to see some kind of Clix movie tie-in this summer, but twas not to be. . .

Posted by: spudeus on 9/5/2014 5:09:12 PM

Posted by: Kragnorak on 8/28/2014 11:05:49 AM
Like it overall, though a Karai dial would have rocked. I'd give Raph the Brute keyword though.

Posted by: Javasquirrel on 8/16/2014 9:01:23 AM

Posted by: MANTIS WARRIOR on 8/15/2014 8:14:51 AM
@henryhyde: lol! Good catch! The turtles dials were completed first, coming in at exactly 400 points. At the last minute, I asked for an ATA card, which indeed will take the total cost over 400. The only way to make it work will be to reduce the cost of all the turtles -- but is that justified to reduce the cost of existing dials, just to make room for an ATA? I am not sure...

Posted by: The Le on 8/12/2014 11:02:47 AM
I love this. I only have one complaint. When you have a team like this that is clearly meant to build out to a round number: 4 Turtles = 400 points, then there needs to be room for the ATA. So, I would prefer the individual point totals to be 97 pts so I could add the ATA and still have an even 400 pt. team.

Posted by: henryhyde on 8/12/2014 10:18:07 AM
Shredder & Foot soldiers, but no Bebob & Rocksteady?

Posted by: Alan Wilkinson on 8/10/2014 9:49:51 AM
Although I grew up with the 80s Turtles I more liked the later aninmated TMNT series ( the one with the Utrom Shredder ) the animated movie TMNT Turtles Forever realy broiught it together.

Posted by: The Wanderer on 8/9/2014 1:55:59 PM
My hopes were raised so high with Leonardo's opening power
Leonardo Leads...
So why are the remaining Turtle Special powers not
...Donatello does machines...
...Rapael is ????? but moody (I never worked out what the ???? was in all my youth!)
... and Michaelangelo is a party dude!

Barring that LOVE IT! Shredder will be a real challenge to put down for them! Bring on set 2 with a bit of BeeBop and Rocksteady (though i never cared for Kang. He seemed stupid even when I was 6!)

Oh and give Splinter the TA or he'll just get toasted turn 2! He should be the most sneaky!

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 8/9/2014 10:34:34 AM
Absolutly!! But don't forget the Dragon zord!! Haha

Posted by: Decoder on 8/9/2014 3:11:11 AM
@decoder: In all seriousness, the TMNT article was my idea. I have about 5 ClixCraves in the works now, and TMNT just kind of hit me a few weeks ago -- yes I wanted the article itself to coincide with the movie, but I also instructed master designer Eric Schaen to make the TMNT dials based on the cartoon, uncorrupted by the hand of Michael Bay.

Trendy? Sure, but this is actually the second ClixCraves: TMNT article we've done! The first one came out way back in Clix Addict #1 back in 2011, well before the movie was even announced! (check it out if you haven't done so)

On the subject of Power Rangers, that's a tough one, but I *have* been thinking about it. My son is now 4 and watches a lot of PR -- I am particular pleased Samurai Force -- I think those could be some fun dials to make. But I also have a soft spot for the original six. I'd love to design a Megazord dial too, which would be a must for any ClixCraves: Power Rangers!

Posted by: The Le on 8/9/2014 2:16:10 AM
you know what id like to see you guys make is the original mighty morphing power rangers the green, red, yellow,pink, blue and black. ive been a fan for years and they are not mainstream but id like to see how creative you can get?

Posted by: decoder on 8/8/2014 10:23:38 PM
@ slade yes you all grew up in the 80s we get it... most of the kids if your not mainstreamers? why only until the new movie did you make a turtle page??? hmmm????

Posted by: decoder on 8/8/2014 10:17:03 PM
I guess that's why we did GI Joe not to long ago, cause we are so mainstream. Lol
Egad a faceless internet troll does not respect us, whatever shall we do?!

But seriously, we have had multiple requests for Turtle Clix.

Posted by: Slade on 8/8/2014 9:26:32 PM
@decoder: You're welcome!

Posted by: The Le on 8/8/2014 6:56:25 PM
@ decoder I agree!! you know I have yet to see you do the transformers!!! im really surprised you haven't mainstreamed them yet!!! whats next the quentesential star lord!!! no one knows who star lord is!! he a second rate marvel character that only till the GOTG did he get popular!!!! he was my favorite marvel character before the movie and I was pissed when I seen wizkids mainstreamed him as a chase!!

Posted by: the merc on 8/8/2014 6:37:16 PM
Shredder could also use Mastermind and Outwit

Posted by: Lord Logan on 8/8/2014 6:33:13 PM
I want these to be made so bad! The only thing I'd change is the TA to a pic of their shell so that it isn't a pic of one of them such as Raph.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 8/8/2014 6:31:48 PM
your a stupid mainstreamer!!! the only reason you made the turtles is because of the damn movie!!! I have no respect for you sir

Posted by: decoder on 8/8/2014 6:29:59 PM
@MadMatt: Very good catch! We've made a slight change to Leo's special power to correct that snafu! All should be better now!

Posted by: The Le on 8/8/2014 6:16:14 PM
@ Madmatt

Great catch, I must be getting rusty. lol

We Will edit that power later.

Posted by: Slade on 8/8/2014 5:48:36 PM
Onlu one thing I don't like.

Leadership means: At the beginning of your turn, give this character a free action and roll a d6. On a result of 5 or 6, add one action to your action total for that turn and this character may remove an action token from an adjacent friendly character with a lower point value.

Since Leonardo is the same point value as the other turtles, he can't use it on them. I'd play with a house rule that he could though but it still would've been nice for that to be covered specifically in the "LEONARDO LEADS" special.

Still awesome!

Posted by: MadMatt on 8/8/2014 4:25:29 PM
I do think Raph could use a little something extra to make him a little tougher or just more awesome than he currently is. I'm a little confused as to how the Shredders doesn't have blades/claws/fangs?

Posted by: James on 8/8/2014 11:16:46 AM
use mole man with this team

Posted by: greenscar on 8/8/2014 8:39:23 AM
why is Raph the only one with any kind of Damage reducer and only for a few clicks? you would ink the shell would at least give all the turtles toughness down most of the dial if not as a trait

Posted by: Grim on 8/8/2014 6:26:43 AM
Turtle power! I would love to see a TMNT set.


How exactly is Raf the weakest? Charge 11 attack, 3 damage.

They mostly fight together and I think these dials capture that. Empower from raf gives them +1 close combat damage, Perplex from Donny can be used multiple ways, Leo leads...

Works for me.

Posted by: Shaft! on 8/8/2014 6:17:16 AM
I like em. I never saw the turtles as I've powerful creatures alone but together they are a force. I think that's well represented here.

Posted by: greenlatreen on 8/8/2014 5:59:52 AM
Raf is the weakest...that in itself is weak.

Posted by: brad on 8/8/2014 5:46:03 AM