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Quintessential Daredevil
Eric Schaen & The Le (04/07/2015)
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The Quintessential Daredevil HeroClix Dial

With the Daredevil tv series coming to Netflix, we thought we'd take a look at what the Quintessential Daredevil HeroClix figure would look like, and once again master designer Eric Schaen has knocked it out of the park!

Right away you'll notice that Daredevil is a Wild Card, which represents his constant team-up with Spider-Man. This gives him a plethora of options, including lending his 18 defense to other Defenders or you can be a jerk and copy Mystics.

Dial by Eric Schaen (continued below...)

The Quintessential Daredevil HeroClix Dial

The Quintessential Daredevil comes with some standard Charge to let him get into battle quickly, but some Outwit and Perplex makes him a versatile utility piece. What he lacks in sheer damage he makes up with his other heightened senses and ingenuity! Speaking of heightened senses, he gets a full dial of Super Senses thanks to his radar ability as well as Shape Change.

What we like most about the The Quintessential Daredevil dial is the Billy Club ability, which gives him a way to make ranged attacks! So what you get is a nice secondary attacker and utility piece for just 96 points!

What do you think? And will you be watching Daredevil when to comes to Netflix?

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Your Comments:
Great well balanced dial. I love the fact he has a very human 2 damage throughout but still remains a threat. I would like the Avengers keyword too.

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 4/12/2015 1:45:38 AM
I think this is a good Daredevil and I would have no problem running this one. But I would tweak it some to be a little more comic book accurate.

1. This one is needed the most. Add the Avengers to his keyword list. He was a member of the team for a couple of years, so if this is suppose to be the Quintessential Daredevil he needs it added.

2. This one I would like since I love Daredevil. I would consider changing his defense to a special white power where it cant be countered and it combines toughness and combat reflexes and keep it for his entire dial.

I do like the billy club trait and it makes sense. Hopefully if this version ever comes out we get a pog with his billy club pictured on it.

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 4/11/2015 8:31:50 AM
@wade: Cody Woodyard made it on his fb page along with tons of other great dials! heroclix-decoded- is his page!!!

Posted by: Deadpool on 4/10/2015 5:18:11 AM
I'd play it. now give us a Deadpool.

Posted by: wade on 4/9/2015 2:26:12 PM
As somebody that's hoping for a DD/Marvel Knights set, I would be thrilled if this were the dial he got. It's a great update to what's usually been a boring dial for ol' horn head.

Posted by: Rex Mason on 4/8/2015 5:58:20 PM
I meant coping mystics!

Posted by: Bardock on 4/7/2015 8:16:31 PM
So can I destroy the billy club before DD recovers it or pick it up and throw it at people as an object?? And for you guys wanting stealth ? In stead of being "jerks" and copying stealth? Copy the batman TA your welcome!!! I like how you described the broken mystics TA as "jerks" haha right on bro!!!

Posted by: Bardock on 4/7/2015 8:15:40 PM
To be fair, there should probably be a similar effect with Cap' s shield, Elektra' s sais, etc

Posted by: Lord Logan on 4/7/2015 7:45:56 PM
I really like that superhuman senses for 96 points.

Posted by: GILLY25 on 4/7/2015 12:11:33 PM
I like this DD a lot. Sure he could have some stealth, but its not a deal breaker for me. He does have the MK keyword, perhaps the designer took the ATA into account.

Love the Bill club trait, DD is every bit as good with his club as Cap is with his shield.

Posted by: Shaft!! on 4/7/2015 12:03:32 PM
Hey I just noticed there isn't the Avenger's keyword. Por Que, no?

Posted by: Prince of Orphans on 4/7/2015 11:07:33 AM
Hot Damn!!! My all-time favorite character! But I do agree with Brandon. He definitely needs some stealth.
I would have also like to have seen the fighting ability numbers as 11, 11, 11, 10, 10, 9. And maybe that exploit weakness at the beginning of the dial(but I'm vacillating on that one. But yes. Yes I like this dial. Will I be watching the Netflix show? Do you need oxygen to breathe?
I'm just as excited for this show as I am for the Avengers 2.

Posted by: Prince of Orphans on 4/7/2015 11:05:04 AM
I like it alot. I just think he should have access to Stealth in someway.

Posted by: Brandon on 4/7/2015 10:03:44 AM