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Pow! Rag Doll
The Le (08/14/2015)
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Pow! Ragdoll HeroClix Strategy
Pow! Ragdoll (The Flash #015)

Usage / Summary
Ragdoll is a little pricey at 60 points, but acts as a good support piece thanks to his Wild Card TA and pretty cool Trait. He 's not a attacker, but he can definitely hold his own and would make a good Tie-Up piece.

He's got a consistent [16]/[17] Defense for his entire dial and some Combat Reflexes which can bring it up to 19 against close attacks. As a Wildcard he's be very useful on any number of teams.

Key Feature
His Contortionist and Opportunist trait is pretty potent here. While it's not likely that opposing characters will come hear Rag Doll, the real beauty of is really for his allies that need to get off that first click of life. This is great for Activation-Click characters, especially in Golden Age.

HeroClix Dial Ragdoll

Lack of Damage Reduction and just 5 clicks of life means he could get killed with one good hit from a tentpole, and his lack of move-and-attack makes him kind of useless in a battle. Oh, and his attack value, while consistent, isn't very good in today's power creep game.

HeroClixTheme / Keywords
He can be a little hard to field on a team, but we like him on teams with Hire Henchmen (Batman HeroClix) and the convention exclusive Gentlemen Ghost if you can get a hold of one. Since he has the Keystone City keyword, you could also team him up with the Flash.

At 60 points he's not a great utility piece, but if you can take advantage of that Trait then you're good to go (and an ok tertiary attacker for the cost)

Right: The Flash 201 (click to see full dial). The Flash has the Keystone City keyword and gets better on the second click of life -- a good way to take advantage of  Rag Doll's trait!

Rag Doll isn't much of utility piece and is a mediocre to lousy attacker. However, he can be very useful with that Wildcard TA. He could be very useful in teams that use , , , , , and and more. There are just too many possibilities with a fairly cheap Wildcard like this. And don't forget that awesome trait.

He's also extremely useful on teams, especially if you play him with Gentle Ghost and Shade (two Injustice Society figures with Mystics).

Continued below...

On a 300 Point Team
I probably wouldn't play him at 300 points unless you can make use of that Trait. 60 points is awfully expensive for a character that has just a [2] range and [9] attack.

On a  400+ Point Team
He's much more useful at higher points (the higher the better). In golden Age he can be infinitely useful since there are so many more Activation-click characters in that age (Colossus, Shazam, etc)

Monster Society of Evil ATA HeroClixFinal Rating:  B

Not a good attacker or a utility piece, but pretty good tie-up piece. He has an excellent trait that makes him one-trick pony. He's still good on the right team, but not very versatile. He can be hard to use for beginners but would excel for veteran players who know how to build the right kind of team.

"He's a piece that you rush into adjacency to avoid ranged attacks. Then you are looking at top dial Shape Change and 19 Defense Value thanks to Combat Reflexes. Opponents, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have your big boy wham him with a heavy object. Just having you waste an action to to attack Rag Doll is worth the cost of him.

The other thing that needs to be reminded of people is that he qualifies for my favorite ATA - Monster Society of Evil for just 5 points. MSoE - At the end of your turn, you may roll a d6 for each friendly character using this team ability. On a result of 5 or 6, deal 1 damage to each opposing character adjacent to that character that hasn't already been dealt damage by this team ability this turn. "

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Infomercials voice engaged:
Does you opponent like hypersonic speed?
Does he put the Flash in Flashdance?
Do you wish you could wipe the smirk off his face as he skitters to safety?
Thanks to new Ragdoll now you can. Remember if Ragdoll isn't one-shotted he'll shoot you for one every time.
For a limited time only now with incap/ perplex to damage practically anyone!

Love this figure, a real silver bullet in sealed events for the set he was from.

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 8/16/2015 3:49:03 PM