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Pow! Atomic Skull
The Le (12/02/2015)
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Pow! Atomic Skull HeroClix Strategy Guide
Pow! Atomic Skill HeroClix strategy. (Superman / Wonder Woman #054). Pow! is the HeroClix World modern age strategy series.

Usage / Summary
He can be a little pricey at 150 points, but you get a very mobile primary/secondary attack with excellent staying power, and late dial crowd control.

Excellent mobility with 2 clicks of Running Shot and Sidestep and Invulnerability for four clicks. The damage is not too bad, starting at 4, but the Perplex for the next three clicks will certainly help. Oh, and Indomitable gives him a great advantage to act nearly every turn.

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Pow! Atomic Skull HeroClix Strategy Guide

Key Feature
The most obvious key feature here is the Special Ability that gives him Energy Explosion, Poison, and penetrating damage. This more than makes up for that mediocre damage value. With a double ranged attack, Energy Explosion is particularly powerful here. And if someone bases Atomic Skull, that penetrating Poison will smite them pretty hard. Offensively, Atomic Skull is a beast. And once he loses that special power, he's still dealing penetrating damage with Pulse Wave.

Right: Discounted HeroClix

The TA is actually a hindrance in my opinion. Sure it grants you Outwit if you have an ally, but traditionally it's an expensive ability to toss on a figure. Without it, Atomic Skull would be 20-40 points cheaper, which would make him just awesome.

His low range can also be a problem, so use him wisely to get into position.

Theme / Keywords / Teammates
There's a surprisingly large number of Secret Society of Super-Villains out there. For just 50 points I would team the Atomic Skull up with The Outsider.

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The outsider HeroClix figure

There's even a 66 point version that would be good:

The outsider HeroClix figure

At 150, the Atomic Skull can be a little pricey for 300 point games, but with the right team build he's a good primary or secondary attacker.

On a 300 Point Team
Pretty good, but can be taken down quickly by a tentpole or just a good hit with Penetrating/Psychic Blast. Still, the Atomic Skull can dish out damage pretty rapidly with all that penetrating range.

On a  400+ Point Team
Much easier to sport on a team at this point value. He makes an excellent secondary attacker to your tentpole in 400+ games and you can get the right kind of support easily (Telekinesis, etc)

Final Rating:  B+

A little pricey at 150 points; not very versatile, but the sheer damage output is a little scary.

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Your Comments:
He is definitely a finesse piece with that point cost. I played against him and took him down easy in a 600 point game, but the map choice didn't him help since it was covered in hindering terrain and he is unable to get around that. Mirror Master and his copies might be a better Secret Society option since they have Wildcard TA which benefits Atomic Skull and they can carry him around too with Sidestep which might help him get into position to Poison opponents.

Great article, you gave me some ideas to build around this guy.

Posted by: Sandy Hawk on 12/7/2015 3:28:31 PM
The 30 points Mounted Loki looks like a good friend for him ...

In a larger game pairing him with a Red Lantern Ring and Atrocitus will make all enemyes think twice before getting in base contact with him ...

Posted by: GuiMaron on 12/7/2015 10:10:21 AM
I feel he can be a good back-up hitter in a larger game. Especially if someone can fly him to where he's needed.

Posted by: annoyinglizardvoice on 12/5/2015 3:11:43 AM