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Coronation Or Bad Comedy?
Cry Like a Baby
Focused Attacks
I Got Your Back
Nowhere To Hide
Power Surge
Rise Of The Machines
arrowSo Say We All
The Dead Shall Rise
Those Are Some Huge Ears
Transporters Online
Victory Is Mine
Whos In Charge?

So Say We All
At the beginning of the game, put one counter on this card. Whenever a figure is KOed, put another counter on this card. At the beginning of your turn, you gain a extra number of action tokens equal to the number of counters on this card.

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keywords: Justice League, Justice Society

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Would include the POGs do Not count as a figure. Other wise sacrifice a Liam Harper for 1 extra action. Sign me up! Liam. Statd here. You'll be fine. No one attacks children

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 2/26/2012 1:08:26 PM