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Coronation Or Bad Comedy?
Cry Like a Baby
Focused Attacks
I Got Your Back
Nowhere To Hide
arrowPower Surge
Rise Of The Machines
So Say We All
The Dead Shall Rise
Those Are Some Huge Ears
Transporters Online
Victory Is Mine
Whos In Charge?

Power Surge
All characters can use Super Strength. If the character already possesses Super Strength, modify its damage value by +1 when it makes a close combat attack.

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I just found out, it's Fuji, a Wildstorm character.

Posted by: Dreadnaught on 11/8/2010 11:58:47 PM
What character is shown in the card? He looks kind of cool, but he kind of seems like an image or dark horse character.

Posted by: Dreadnaught on 10/24/2010 5:37:48 PM