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Review: The Avengers
Eric Schaen (05/04/2012)
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The Avengers Movie ReviewWhen the Avengers discover that S.H.I.E.L.D. has its own plans for the cube, they become divided on what course of action to take. A surprise attack by Loki’s mind controlled minions (including Hawkeye), allows for Loki to escape and summon an army of the Chitauri right in the heart of the big apple. But that’s OK, so Loki has an army; the Avengers have a Hulk.

One of the most enjoyable elements of the film is observing this collective of characters clash. Mostly thanks to Iron Man. Maybe Agent Romanoff’s psych-profile had it right about Tony Stark; he can’t seem to get along with anyone. He thinks Cap is a relic, has a tussle with Thor, and intellectually spars with the Hulks alter ego Dr. Banner. Then again, what could one expect from a billionaire, philanthropist, playboy, whose ego rivals his own skyscraper. Robert Downey’s humors portrayal of Tony Stark manages to take the spotlight in many scenes, not any easy task with this cast.

Captain America (Chris Evans) is attempting to find his way in the modern world. He’s not yet sure how he fits in today’s society. Yet, when the proverbial poo-poo hits the fan, Cap heeds the call and takes the lead on the battle field. Evans portrayal of Cap is once again spot on, he may not be the funny man of the group, but he is definitely the team’s heart. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is very conflicted about Loki’s involvement, he wants to stop Loki, but does not want to see his brother harmed.

It’s sort of an I can call my half-brother a jerk, but don’t you call him a jerk situation.

Hemsworth gives just as solid performance here as he did in last year’s Thor. Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson) last seen in Iron Man 2, has a more significant role this time. Being the only woman on the current Avengers line up; she proves her character can pull her weight and keep up with the big boys. Then there’s Hawkeye. After serving as one of Loki’s unwilling pawns for much of the film, Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) wants some payback. Hawkeye may have less screen time then the other Avengers, but when he is on camera, he hits his mark. (Yeah, pun intended.)

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Dude, your profanity filter should be set to whole words only. :)

Posted by: Jonathan on 1/6/2013 2:00:32 PM
Good review! I agree with your assessments (which seem quite objective). It's not perfect, but no movie is perfect, and those of us who hold cherished franchises in high esteem have to give a little when it comes to Hollywood--or else there won't be any more. That is what happened to Star Trek, the hard core fans killed it. And tried to kill the reboot by Abrams (which, maybe, was justified, but dammit, Jim, I liked that movie despite it being stupid!).

Posted by: Jonathan on 1/6/2013 1:59:53 PM
best film ever, in my humble and somewhat biased opinion.
those flaming it are just sad little nolenites worrried that their beloved nolan-man film out later this year wont be able to top it.

im gonna say something shocking now but tim burton's batman film was a better representation of the dark night than the nolan ones.

i start my post off with a dig at another film simple to prove a point, because everyone berating avengers will suddenly have an overwhelming desire to jump to nolan-man's defence now.

now, on the subject that i should be descussing; I've gotta say 5 out of 5 for this film. i went in expecting the world from it and it gave me the universe... the marvel one, and how filled with glee i was.
i was worried the hulk's recasting might ruin avengers like don cheadle did to iron man 2 and although i still believe Ed Norton would have been better Mark Ruffalo did the part proud and hats off to him for being the first to play both sides of the role because he really did upstage downey once he hulked-out.
only gripe is caps costume... i will say its not as bad as it could have been but i certainly would have preffered the one from 1st avenger instead, he just seemed to skinny and i know chris evans is a big guy, he looked a lot more buff when he was out of costume.

lastly thank the powers that be that they did not cast a pro wrestler as thor! sorry dude but come on! HHH! really, the rock has been in dozens of films and is only now starting to come into his own, hulk hogan never did, pro wrestlers are just that, pro wrestlers... i'd much rather have pro actors in films thankyou very much

Posted by: Ste on 5/11/2012 3:35:00 AM
4.5? Are you nuts? Avengers was 5.0 if it was anything!!!

Posted by: Babawonga on 5/9/2012 2:43:58 AM
I thought the movie was fantastic. Even though the JLA is my favorite team, I have been a fan of the Avenges since the early 1970's. This movie did justice to them and will be a huge box office hit. Even though at times I thought RD Jr. would steal the show, it was the CGI Hulk who took it with his 1. Side punch to Thor. 2. The rag doll beating of Loki and his comment as he walked away "Puny God". I dont know if DC could or would ever attempt to top this, but I would love to see them try. With all the individual movies and now the team up, I loved it. Cant wait for the sequel when they battle Thanos.

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 5/7/2012 1:17:54 PM
I pretty much agree with everything Lord Oracle said... well spoken.

About Green Lantern, I think one of the problems was that there were 5 writers on it, Avengers only had two. GL was like a TV series that goes on too long, it just didn't flow.

I wonder if the success of this will spur a Justice League movie. It seems like the pay off for fighting legal battles would be greater for Time/Warner than for Disney,unless... DC could top Avengers with JLA and then marvel tops that with Secret Wars, the Movie

I loved how Hulk's face looked like Mark Ruffalo. Anyone else notice that?

Posted by: licensedhero on 5/6/2012 6:53:42 PM
@Sir Christopher,

The reason why those other heroes don't turn up is because War Machine is on the other side of the country in California (he appeared in Hammer's demo at the Stark Expo in IM2 under orders). The FF and Spider-Man didn't because the characters CANNOT be used. Sony and Fox currently have exclusive rights to those characters.

Hopefully, with the success of the Avengers, Marvel Studios/Disney will go all-out to re-aquire the rights to ALL of their characters (X-Men, Wolverine, FF, Spider-Man, Blade, Ghost Rider, Punisher, etc.) so they can give the characters proper treatments. The licenses were never offered for the characters used in the Avengers and those have been the best Marvel Comics-based films.

And, Mr. Toph, keep in mind that they were not using the Thor of mythology, they were using the Marvel Comics interpretation of the character of Thor, whose likeness is somewhat of a "pretty boy".

Black Widow looked like Black Widow, the character wears an outfit just like that. I don't know how she looked ridiculous.

Hawkeye: they drew upon his Ultimate Comics likeness which was not a "costume", he was a government agent who would have looked ridiculous in his 616 costume. While I am a major Hawkeye fan, I think this was the best way of doing his outfit.

I happen to think this movie was the perfect comic-based film. It established the origins of the major characters (Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Cap) in their own films so they did not have to waste time telling it in the team film. That is the problem we tend to get with the movies, they try to cram too much back story in the movie. Now, the characters can do their own movies and build back into the next team movie. Also with the several films like the Spider-Man and the earlier Batman franchise, is they try to put too many villains in it.

Spider-Man 3, they should have first gotten Raimi and crew committed for a fourth, then had Peter find and use the symbiote until towards the end.

Posted by: lordoracle on 5/6/2012 5:11:41 PM
I didn't like that movie because black widow and hawkeye look so ridiculous.

Posted by: YO on 5/4/2012 12:37:35 PM

And THor looked so rugged? They cast Thor as a Pretty boy and Thor was never known for his good looks in Mythology. I think the the wrestler HHH of WWe fame would have looked as a better Thor. He closer resembles the Build Thor is drawn with and Looks like a battle-hardened Asgardian. Too bad he is under contract and was considered unavailable

Posted by: Mr Toph on 5/6/2012 2:47:41 PM
Avengers - stay for the credits. I beleive the story takes place in New York City. If it does why did none of the other superheroes based in New York show up? (Aka Spiderman, FF or even War Machine). Thought it would have made a nice cameo if these heroes would have shown up late in the fight to help with the groundtroops and crowd control but not really be a factor in the fight. I could see The FF and Spiderman help to protect the civies from debrey and maybe Thing and war machine help with the ground troops. Thought it would have made a nice tye-in with the other marvel films based in NEW York city

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 5/6/2012 2:42:42 PM
@Grim - Christian Bale did a great job as the Dark Knight. I don't get how he is the Dork Knight when he has a ton of money, girls, and is cool. Are you just calling him the Dork Knight because you're jealous of his status, wealth, and overall coolness?

Posted by: Nick on 5/5/2012 1:29:40 PM
@ Eryx.
I totally agree with you about Green Lantern and the Batman Films. Bale does such a horrible job as the Dork knight, Joker looked more like a member of Insane Clown Possie (despite Ledgers great performance), the Bat Tank and cycle were ugly as hell and teh action was so unbeleivable that i dont think even the Mythbusters will touch it.
Green Lantern, despite the bad reviews, was far better.

Posted by: Grim on 5/5/2012 10:36:18 AM
This movie was great! It has good acting by everyone involved, and the special effects were spot on. If this is not the best super hero movie of all time it is at least top 5. It had more humor in it than I thought it would but at the same time the movie did not see like it was trying to makena joke of itself. This is a must see.

Posted by: Japete61 on 5/5/2012 7:09:01 AM
The movie was great. Every now and then I go to a movie and feel like i didnt wast my time or money. This was one of those times.

Posted by: Dr. Silly on 5/4/2012 4:49:42 PM
This movie rocked! It was everything a superhero movie should be ad I hope that Marvel Studios keep Hollywood to the same standard in future.

Also, what was wrong with Green Lantern? It was better and more enjoyable than the Batman films.

Posted by: Eryx on 5/4/2012 2:46:25 PM
I diddnt like the movie also.. Bad work.. Seen better.

Posted by: JACE on 5/4/2012 1:33:06 PM
I didn't like that movie because black widow and hawkeye look so ridiculous.

Posted by: YO on 5/4/2012 12:37:35 PM
I didn't like that movie.

Posted by: YO on 5/4/2012 12:34:37 PM