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Review: Spider-Man
Eric Schaen (06/26/2012)
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Spider-man Movie ReviewWith Spider-Man movie reboot this year, we thought we'd look back at the first 3 Sony Spider-Man movies. Let's start with...

Spider-Man (2002)

I still remember the anticipation I had waiting for the first Spider-Man film. The film had been tied up in a legal battle for years but finally, it was a go. As a lifelong fan of Spider-Man of course I had my concerns, would it be any good, or would it be a flop. As the trailers for the movie started surfacing, my doubts faded away, and the end result made me smile ear to ear.

The film was nothing short of spectacular. The choice of Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker felt near perfect at the time, and Sam Rami’s distinctive direction style functioned incredibly well. The story was adapted from several of the comics and told the origin of Spider-Man. Rami’s story updated Spider-Man for modern times, while keeping the core of the character true to his comic roots.  The special effects were breathtaking and seamless; it was even nominated for Best Visual Effects that year.

What I liked about the film:

•A compelling story that delivers not only amazing action sequences, but keeps you emotionally engrossed as well.

•Spider-Man’s costume. With the X-Men running around the silver screen in all black uniforms, I was thrilled to see that they kept Spidey’s costume true to its comic look.

•Visual effects. The special effects in this movie set the bar for other superhero movies of the modern age. The final scene that shows Spider-Man zipping thru the maze of skyscrapers  gives you a sense of what an exhilarating rush it would be to web swing through the city.

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