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Top 5 DOFP HeroClix
Eric Schaen (07/28/2014)
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Top 5 Days of Future Past HeroClix

Franklin Richards#5 Franklin Richards

Pros: It’s nice to see the Fantastic Four get some more love and Franklin is a great choice for lending aid to his teammates. His SENTINEL SURVIVOR power beefs up adjacent allies’ damage and keeps their powers from being countered. Barrier is always a good way to throw a monkey wrench in your opponent’s plans and late dial Probability Control can make Franklin useful on every clix.

Now if we can just get an omega level Franklin in a future set.

Continued below...

HeroClix DOFP dials Frankling Richards

Cons: With only 5 clix of life and no ability to avoid/reduce damage he’s pretty easy to take out (even with 5 clicks of Stealth). He’s not very mobile and his combat values are just average, so use him for support and leave the clobberin’ to his teammates.

Grade: B+

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Your Comments:
Well, we knew in advance there were going to be a lot of repeats in this set. It is based upon a very specific story. These are the main characters in it. So this is more of a case of "buyer beware" of the product before you buy it.

Even so, they did give some new characters with
Senator Robert Kelly
Moria McTaggert
Franklin Richards

And as several have pointed out there are some good remakes of characters that have not been made in a while, like Avalanche.

Posted by: superfriend on 7/30/2014 2:52:37 PM
Why are they reproducing miniatures that have like half dozen versions already, when there are still plenty of Marvel that have NO clix yet. I buy these and repaint them to play roleplay games, I want MORE guys not another wolverine.

Posted by: The Flayed Main on 7/30/2014 12:56:45 PM
Agreed on the Brotherhood. DPFP Nightcrawler is a good dial, but I have the LE from WatX which is also good and approx the same number of points, which makes this one a low priority.

Posted by: superfriend on 7/30/2014 12:45:44 PM
Big surprise there?!? Wolverine making the number 1 spot

Posted by: Decoder on 7/30/2014 2:45:27 AM
How on Earth is Moira not on this list? She should be at 5, not Franklin.

Posted by: Jwats on 7/29/2014 6:17:40 PM
I manged to skip this set granted I want Nimrod because he's a sentinel and who doesn't like them. Ok, well other then mutants.. lol

Posted by: Bliss on 7/29/2014 10:32:19 AM
I hear you SF. There have been a lot of X-set recently. I recommend you pick up the Nightcrawler, avalanche, destiny and Angel. They are all ones that needed an upgrade.

Posted by: Shaft! on 7/29/2014 7:37:43 AM
Passed on this whole set for now. Store I was playing at closed. New store has had trouble getting product in in general except for GotG Movie stuff. Maybe the cut off for odering this was too far back. They only got 1 brick of Deadpool.

As for the actual content of the set, I feel we've done the X-Men to death at this point and blind grabbing for a handful of pieces to me means buying the few I want on the 2ndary market.

Eventually I might pick up Angel and the Brotherhood, but I'm just not interested in yet another version of Wolverine, Colossus, Storm, etc no matter how good it is.

Posted by: superfriend on 7/29/2014 7:23:41 AM
I loved this set! I agree with all of your ratings except Destiny. She's Worthy of an A- at least, played reasonably well, her lack of defence should never come into it as you won't be placing her anywhere near the front lines as most of her coolness requires no line of fire.

Storm (classic costume) was the only complete F- of the set, the others are all pretty decent IMO.

My other pick for the top 5 would be Pyro. He's not devestating but his powers are perfectly represented which gets a B+ at least from me. I'd probably lose Franklin for him. Not that there's anything wrong with Richards junior but given his sculpt I just can't see me using him outside of a DOFP team. Pyro has more lasting value.

I'm in love with that Nightcrawler though, I may want to have his little plastic babies!

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 7/29/2014 3:19:37 AM