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Marvel DUOs You Want
The Le (03/01/2010)
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Sabretooth & Wildchild
HeroClix Sabretooththetigerking83: The number one Marvel Duo I would want, for two reasons, is Sabretooth and Wildchild from the Age of Apocalypse. The first being that this team up is one of few Duos that would make sense to me as a Heroclix Duo figure. The two were very similar in their power sets and Wildchild was on a leash keeping him attached to Sabretooth at all times. The second being that I really enjoyed the Age of Apocalypse storyline and took an immediate liking to the idea of Sabretooth as a hero. Since then the character has seperated from Wildchild and joined Exiles, at one point briefly wielding the power cosmic. Golden Sabretooth, now that was something! Would make for a great LE though. ;)

I'd like a Duo, but I'd also want an Exiles version of Sabretooth, and getting the Exiles members we did in MnM really got my hopes up. Lately Wizkids has been pretty good about finishing off teams and granting the requests of fans from a few years ago so I'm optimistic.

Angel & The Ape
Angel and ApeDavid R: My preferred duo of all time wants is going to be Angel & The Ape. Imagine a clix figure that has the perplex and outwit of P.I. Angel O'Day while the toughness and strength of her Gorilla City partner Sam Simeon. Now imagine taking that another step with the martial artist attack of Angel, with the furry fury of claws and fangs of Sam... then factor in the fact that Sam has some of his Grandpa Gorilla Grodd's ability to cloud peoples minds so they don't freak at an Ape in public... and you have a start of a character that seems to cope with all the weirdest of public situations.

Do I even mention that as an Ape we have built in leap climb to go with her charging into situations? Wait I know I mentioned her being a P.I. and him being Gorilla Grodd's grandson would give them some form of stealth that would make them hard to target. Yes Angel And The Ape have been around DC Comics fighting crime on a case by case basis since 1968, isn't it time they had firm representation in the clix universe?

Note from The Le: Special thanks to beardedtoyman for pointing out that Angel & The Ape are actually DC characters. Wow. I can't believe that one slipped by me. As a special thanks to you, beardedtoyman, I'm sending you a free HeroClix LE figure. Live Long and Be Fabulous!

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Your Comments:
I don't remember venom ever liking carnage. But, a Spiderman venom duo would be cool. I made one with the Spiderman bibtb figure on the colossal base. Used an old sculpt of venom swinging too. Don't change the points. Seems more playable now

Posted by: chris nealy on 7/18/2016 10:07:11 AM
OH YEAH!!! how about the blood brothers iron man #55 is the shizzle fo reazile!

Posted by: 5 star zombie killa on 8/30/2010 5:06:57 PM
what about stix and stones? shriek and carnage? ghost rider and punisher? ghost rider and vengeance? green lantern and sinestro? thanos and adam warlock? death and thanos? punisher and nick fury? the possibilitys are pretty endless!!!

Posted by: 5 star zombie killa on 8/30/2010 5:04:03 PM
I really like the idea of magneto and proffesor x!

Posted by: Nick on 7/3/2010 8:40:08 AM
Bucky cap & black widow
of course we need a bucky cap on his own first tho
Classic cap & Falcon
Deadpool & Typhoid Mary (give them a special form of perplex that only works on themselves and you have to roll for, on a 4+ give them +1 on a 1-3 Give that stat -1 instead)
Titanium man & Crimson Dynamo (hay not all duos need to be good guys)
Hawkeye & Mocking Bird (Marvels answer to mr & mrs smith)

Posted by: Ste on 7/1/2010 1:35:37 AM
im not a fan of duos,but if i had to look at one on my desk it would probly be stan lee and jack kirby.

Posted by: jack on 6/27/2010 6:06:53 PM
Captain America and D-man
Captain America and U.S. agent
Spiderman and Deadpool(some ability about cracking jokes-roll if get doubles add 1 damage?)

Posted by: AmericasCaptain on 6/6/2010 7:12:50 PM
A pyro and iceman would good.

Posted by: Bobby on 5/30/2010 6:46:20 PM
Like the ProfX/Magneto idea, but I'd love to see a duel based Onslaught.

Posted by: Bobby on 5/30/2010 6:43:32 PM
I'm liking the Venom and Carnage ideas, as they do need to make a new carnage figure anyways for tornaments.

I'm liking an Idae of Marvels version of Blazam! unlikely duo...
The Sentry and The Void

Posted by: vehicledestroyer on 5/24/2010 6:46:08 AM
-Spider-Man and Punisher
-Ghost Rider and Vengeance
-Wolverine and Deadpool
-Black Cat and Elektra
-Daredevil and Elektra
-Daredevil and Black Widow
-Iron Man and Black Widow

Posted by: Dreadnaught on 5/2/2010 6:28:00 PM
Demogoblin & Doppleganger, Mysterio & Electro, Sandman & Hydroman, The Grimm Brothers, Goblin & Hobgoblin, Venom & Scream

Posted by: Zemo on 5/2/2010 5:42:54 AM
I'd very much like to see a duo of "The Two Captains" and the sculpt would be simply stunning if it had the two of them holding up the one shield.

Also, Captain America and Punisher, Punisher and Mr. Fixit, Punisher and Moon Knight, Punisher and Spider-man, Captain America and Black Widow, Captain America, Captain America, Captain America...

Posted by: PirateOfJustice on 4/27/2010 2:52:54 AM
Venom and Carnage, Venom and Carnage, Venom and Carnage, Venom and Carnage, Venom and Carnage!!!!!!

Posted by: Dreadnaught on 4/25/2010 8:34:06 PM
mmm...Cyclops & Wolverine, Storm & Phoenix, Professor X & Magneto (wow!), The Thing & Human Torch, Hulk & Thor, Deadpool & Omega Red, Daredevil & Elektra, Spiderman & Black Cat, Nick Fury & Black Widow, Captain America & Bucky, Giantman & Wasp, Quciksilver & Scarlet Witch, Ironfist & Powerman, Iceman & Rogue, Green Goblin & Hobgoblin, Cyclops & Havok...

Posted by: Black on 4/17/2010 5:54:29 AM
I would like to see a spiderman and venom duo. They have teamed up on rare occasions before and that would be a sweet figure!!

Posted by: kevin on 4/10/2010 8:25:57 PM
I would really like to see a Wolverine and Jubilee duo (90's look). That would be great for me!!!

Posted by: JasonCR on 4/1/2010 2:39:37 PM
how about some father and son team ups like cable and cyclops cos cable hasnt been done justice in my mind and cyclops needs a sculpt based on his modern look or a fire and ice duo with ice man and the human torch.

Posted by: marney on 3/30/2010 2:03:31 PM
Sabretooth and Wild Child fromm Age of Apocalypse
Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

Posted by: Toni Montana on 3/30/2010 8:03:51 AM
I would love to see Doctor Doom and Dr Strange with some super Wild card ability and a great array of Mystic powers. Cable and Deadpool and even Cyclops and Emma Frost could all be interesting mutant duos. Spider-Man and ? as the main Team Up guy would be really cool

Posted by: Victor Von Doom on 3/28/2010 10:58:17 AM
I like the idea of the cable and deadpool, but i love the idea of dr.strange and doom would be purely awesome as a heroclix. it could have a host of special abilities and could look seriously awesome.

Posted by: Chris Mercer on 3/2/2010 3:33:39 PM
I don't know y u wouldn't like duoclix. Im sure everyone comes up with reasons y they may bring the game down but as a huge comic fan and a lover of the heroclix game. Its freaken awesome

Posted by: geminimerc on 3/1/2010 9:33:43 PM
Actually the Angel and the Ape was a response to the DC Duos because I was specifically asked about Green Arrow and Black Canary as opposed to what I would pick as a DC Duo which is Angel and the Ape. Meanwhile my response for the Marvel Duo was and is the one classic is Professor Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr aka Professor X and Magneto.
Professor X & Magneto have been portrayed as philosophical enemies since the very first issue of the X-Men. While they are at the opposite ends in roles when there have been dire threats to mutants or Earth they have pulled together to save the day for world saving glory and the pounding required to get the job done. For example we have Uncanny X-Men #200 where the trial of Magneto had the courts attacked by Fenris and Hydra. Magneto was kept together by Professor X and in turn Professor X helped Magneto hit every target on the board and hit hard. Wait you say that was decades ago what about recently. Well in the Necrosha X a rebuilt Professor X and a reformed rebuilt Magneto start to work together to build Nation X. When attacked by Selene and her minions the Professor turned the psychically restored pawns while Magneto handled the larger physical armies.
In clix terms what you have in Professor X & Magneto is a high cost figure that can penetrate anywhere on the map and make sure you feel it without having to actually get up into your enemies face. What's more in mid or later stages they can not only hit you instead of a constant barrage they can strike then heal without having to take a break in their indomitable battles.

Posted by: David TG Riches on 3/1/2010 7:31:23 PM
I was actually really considering putting Spider-Man and Deadpool like in #611 and more recently Deadpool #19, but already paired Pool with Cable. But im with u on that one.

Posted by: Ken on 3/1/2010 6:00:15 PM
I really like the idea of Multiple Man/Jamie Madrox as a duo because it makes ten times more sense than almost any other option for a duo figure... I'm not much of a duo figure fan, either, but i'd propose:

Yellowjacket and The Wasp; Vision and Scarlet Witch; Captain America and the Falcon (in keeping with the erstwhile title of the comic); and then perhaps generic duos: two SHIELD agents or two AIM agents in one duo figure, for example...

Posted by: MikeInMKE on 3/1/2010 12:25:05 PM
YES YES YES! I definatly want a Magneto & Proffesur X DUO!!!

Posted by: Lord Logan on 3/1/2010 12:08:44 PM
My response would have been the same as Mr. G. Not a Duo fan as they've mostly been applied, so I would consider any of these to be a waste of space in a set.

The application of Duos to cover these pairings, while looking cool on the surface, are about as satisfying and welcome as activation clicks ever were. Give us two, separate pieces that are designed to work especially well together, including the sure of Traits or SPs for a synergistic bonus. If one really wants the two characters together on a single base, petition Bowen or one of the other statue-makers to create it.

If Wizkids does decide to do a Duo-heavy Marvel Team-up set I hope they do the same as with Brave & the Bold, making all of the SRs Duos so that I can save a great deal by only going after the CUR slots, too.

Posted by: Miraclo on 3/1/2010 9:33:44 AM
One more thing, totally agree with the tigerking83. Sabretooth and Wildchild would be awesome. Plus we need more Age of Apocalypse clixs.

Posted by: geminmerc on 3/1/2010 2:42:31 AM
Cool ideas, i actually have Cable and Deadpool on a Nightwing dial for the special powers. I think a good idea for one would be The Daughter's of the Dragon: Misty Knight and Colleen Wing. Great for close and range combat attacks and defense. super strength for Misty's arm. Spiderman TA like all the rest of the heroes for hire. Plus i don't think they ever made one, just a pog. Also it would look very hot if done right.

Posted by: Geminimerc on 3/1/2010 2:40:13 AM
Why are Angel & the Ape in here? They are DC characters in a list of Marvel duos that people would like to see.

Posted by: Beardedtoyman on 3/1/2010 2:35:47 AM