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Top 5 Marvel Tech
The Le (04/12/2011)
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#4 Captain America's Shield
Top Marvel Tech Captain America ShieldThis seems like an odd choice on our list, but it's really a miracle if you think about it. Here we have a standard round shield that you can pick up in any Renaissance fair. Yet it's made of indestructible material that can hold off bullets and even powerful energy blasts. Best of all, it's extremely light and aerodynamic, so much so that Captain America can throw it and make it bounce off a dozen targets before having it return to his hand.

And let's not forget that it's a one-of-a-kind shield. From wikipedia:
"During one of his experiments to fuse vibranium with an experimental iron alloy, MacLain falls asleep and awakens to find the experiment a success. This is due to an unknown catalyst entering the process during his slumber, and he is unable to duplicate the result. The vibranium-iron alloy mix is then poured into a mold for a tank's upper hatch to create the disc shape and painted to become Captain America's symbol."

An light, indestructible shield that can break the laws of physics? I'll take two please.

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Your Comments:
The ultimate nullifier was actually created by the RIAA in the future and was thought to be the only way to stop piracy. It failed, and instead rose up and destroyed the RIAA because they were then recognized as being among the largest aholes on the planet, whose single-minded stupidity and willingness to do ANYTHING to stop piracy, no matter how incredibly insane or damaging would eventually result in the destruction of everything.

It was sent back in the past to serve as a warning, along with an electronic book explaining all this, but unfortunately, it ended up in the hands of one Ralph Hinkley/Hanley (wiki it) A.K.A. The Greatest American Hero, who promptly lost it.

It is believed to have been made by Apple. Sounds like the sort of thing they'd do.

Posted by: Gadgetsage on 1/21/2012 4:28:11 PM
You forgot about the Zodiac Key.

Posted by: Owlman166 on 7/30/2011 7:03:07 AM
Bridge to the negative zone, Mad thinkers android, Kang's gear, Nimrod,some of Reed's builds, Leader's builds, etc. Helicarrier is not even top 50.

Posted by: still burl on 4/16/2011 8:58:14 AM
That was a cool read! I would have included the Iron Man suite but do not really know what to replace it with. What is the Iron Man armor made out of anyway? If it's not made out of Adimantium and/ or Vibranium then it's hard for me to comprehend how Invincible Iron Man really is.

Posted by: Ianator on 4/14/2011 5:50:51 PM
A Helicarrier trumps Dooms TIME MACHINE? It does not even trump doombots.

Posted by: new age ninja on 4/14/2011 11:56:12 AM
What's even more astonishing is why no one's ever destroyed the Ultimate Nullifier before. Much less why someone would invent one. It's like putting a self-destruct button on your car. Who does that?

Posted by: Nickoli on 4/13/2011 2:36:25 PM
Stats were published for the helicarrier (normal version) for the MArvel RPG game in 80's. Not to mention there are several models of Helicarrier. Several have been destroyed during service as well. The best was Hercules downed it witha chunk of the Golden Gate Bridage, defenders fughting Godzilla.

Posted by: scourge101 on 4/12/2011 6:21:49 PM
Sentinels put in, but not Cerebro?

Posted by: daerave on 4/12/2011 6:11:25 PM