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Top 5 Worst Modern Age Sculpts
Eric "Slade Wilson" Schaen (05/31/2011)
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HeroClix Worst SculptsHello gamers and Welcome back to another HeroClix World Top 5 Tuesday! I've already coverd the Top 5 Worst Modern Age HeroClix, but today I'm going to focus on the top 5 worst sculptsin Heroclix. While there are many good sculpts in Heroclix, there are also some that just make a player cringe.

For the focus of this article I am picking from sets that are in the Modern Age only. Therefore the golden age sets are getting a free pass on this one (this time). I will also be giving some suggestions for replacement sculpts for these eyesores.

Ok let’s get on with it.

#5 DC 75th Bart Allen
Worst HeroClix Sculpts Bart AllenThis sculpts lack of anything that conveys speed earned it the number 5 spot on the list. I mean even since the early days of Heroclix speedsters have been sculpted in poses that make them look like they are on the move. Bart here looks like Mr. Mind could beat him in a race.

Where’s the excitement?

Where are the speed lines or sparking trail?

How about just a good running pose?

Nope, this sculpt has none of that. Replace this sculpt with a Kid Flash sculpt from Legacy and problem solved.

Click to Compare Bart Allen vs Kid Flash!

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Your Comments:
@Jed: Possibly. A Number of older figures were actually repackaged into 3-figure sets with new dials. So the sculpt is the same, but the dial may be different.

Posted by: The Le on 2/16/2013 7:39:37 AM
is the SI Spider-Man the same figure that comes in the 3-figure booster?

Posted by: Jed on 2/16/2013 7:12:38 AM
I agree with most of these, but I can think of a load of sculpts worse that the Circe miniature. I'm not seeing she actually looks good, just better than some of the other stuff out there.

Posted by: annoyinglizardvoice on 4/14/2012 6:10:20 PM
Looking at the comparison supermans I think this looks really bad like the guy who made this article said his head should be frankensteins monsters double ha ha haaaaaaa!

Posted by: morgan smith on 12/29/2011 7:14:45 AM
I don't think, Circe should be on place 2 and no Elektra is on the list. I mean, the difference between a goodlooking figure in a comic book and their ugly counterpart should be measured in a unit called Elektra. My first encounter with heroclix was my comic dealer offering me a free Elektra from Infinity Challenge and I turned the offer down. The Elektra from Secret Invasion is in this proud tradition and the green skin doesn't make it any better. She looks like Ultimate Toad.

Posted by: Guru on 11/25/2011 2:24:02 AM
The way Luthor and Braniac are posed make them look like they're going to a disco.... Think about it

Posted by: Spider-Man 071 on 10/21/2011 12:10:15 PM
you can actually bend braniacs right arm so it looks like luthor is holding his hand. nothing speaks love like a boy and his robot holding hands. so happy together ba ba ba ba ba

Posted by: taskmatster on 10/20/2011 9:14:35 AM
Uh excuse me but where are the ironman and iron patriot from the web of spiderman set. They both look ridiculous with their hands on their hips. It looks like they are about to say where is my bus

Posted by: theo on 8/11/2011 3:33:38 PM
TOoooootally agree with the selection.

Nice Post… :-))
Sometimes they are Beautiful and sometimes … it's so ugly that you don't play with this … or in a "UGLY TEAM"

Posted by: yann on 6/29/2011 6:14:09 AM
I don't think that many of you understand how modding works. There are a few people who are actually talented enough to use putty to sculpt their own figures, but the majority of modding uses parts of existing figures. In order to get a figure that looks good, you must have good looking parts to pull from. You can use the chest from one figure, the hands from another, etc. The problem is that there have been few if any figures recently that have ANY good looking parts. Most of the modders buy old figures off of e-bay cheap and mod those. Very few of them use any parts from figures after Hammer of Thor, due to the low quality of the sculpts. But this brings up an ugly question; "If I am forced to make my own figures in order to make them look good, then what do I even need to pay Wizkids for?"

Posted by: Gerald on 6/4/2011 8:53:23 AM

Who's complaining? It just a simple fact or observastion. :)If you think Circe looks hot that your business. ;)

Posted by: Slade Wilson on 6/3/2011 12:14:54 PM
I love the SI Spider-Man sculpt. I guess I'm in the minority. But ther it is.

Posted by: trebuchet on 6/2/2011 11:51:33 AM
the dc 75th supes wouldnt be so bad if i knew someone who know how to mod, and mod him into a bizarro, because i could see that working as a decent bizarro face and sculpt

Posted by: Sparkdemon on 6/2/2011 8:17:28 AM
One good thing about that Spider-Man is the Lamp-post. I got a hold of six of them and removed Spidey to use the Lamp-posts in my 3D map.

Posted by: thearthandyman on 6/2/2011 1:50:09 AM
@Bigolegreezy - I got 2 "I'm on a horse" Wondies and they were both different. One neck was elongated and terrible. The other fig was just fine. I think there must have been trouble with a casting machine. I traded the good one and modified the neck on the other one. Looks good now.

I think that most of the White Lantern figs really stink. They're mostly just repaints of the common/uncommons, which have pretty static poses. Not that great for a chase fig.

Posted by: Friarbrie on 6/1/2011 11:39:03 PM
To the author of this article (and everyone else who keeps bringing this up) I say quit your complaining. The worst sculpts are on the most common pieces, with sculpt quality increasing with rarity. I'd rather have common pieces with mediocre sculpts than no Heroclix at all!

Instead of whining, do something positive. If you don't like the sculpts, mod them! Let's see a list of the most mod-able sculpts! Lots of people have put different sculpts on Secret Invasion Spidey, and some people even sculpted their own! Let's see some of those instead of rehashing complaints that have been around ever since the figure was released!

Posted by: Wombatboy on 6/1/2011 6:00:23 PM
Personally...hands down....Sunspot from Supernova. What exactly is he doing?

Posted by: Lovesponge on 6/1/2011 1:42:30 PM

Posted by: PREKRAP on 6/1/2011 1:12:09 PM
I removed my Spider-Man from the lamp post and repainted it Skrull green. I figured if Super Skrull could be a cow, why not a lamp post? At least that way I didn't have to look at that terrible sculpt.

Posted by: Dr. Faustin on 6/1/2011 11:26:31 AM
I like WoS "Spidey Sense" version, since that one most closely resembles the '60's comics Spidey. (My personal fav version.)

Posted by: Owlman166 on 6/1/2011 6:31:15 AM
Wait a minute! Back the train up! What about Wonder Woman on horseback? She's a friggin' pinhead! Her head is half the size it should be. Her neck actually starts to shrink as it get closer to her head.

Posted by: Bigolegreezy on 6/1/2011 5:51:00 AM
I actually like Lamp-Post Spidey. Sure it could be better, but not the worst I have seen. I, personally, hate the WoS sculpt.

Posted by: Megatreky on 5/31/2011 6:59:12 PM
Yeah, there were a lot of rather "blah" sculpts in 75th. Almost like they phoned it in. Fail!

Posted by: MEsch on 5/31/2011 6:51:00 PM