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Batman Beyond - Inque
From the Batman Beyond universe comes Inque, a shapeshifting female villain that is arguably Batman’s most dangerous foe. This unique ability translates into Phasing / Teleport, Shape Change, and a respectable range of [4]. Since I am unable to give her P/T and Plasticity at the same time, I gave her Incapacitate instead, which can stop even the most dangerous of clix. To round it out, she gets Super Senses with a high defense of [17]. All this comes at a high cost though, as her point value is [25], but that’s only because she is so freakin’ dangerous!

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well ace and inque are good but batman beyond is now a clic and bats is hard.I would put batmans 1993 anime bystanders in here like the gray ghost or some of the mobs in this

Posted by: ikari on 12/27/2009 11:17:06 AM
No Charge? Perhaps a 9 attack, but otherwise makes sense.

Posted by: Zarg on 9/16/2009 2:38:42 PM