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G.I. Joe - Snake Eyes
Easily the most popular character in G.I. Joe, Snake-Eyes was cool from the moment he came on the tv. Who could forget when sacrificed himself in the red mine to save Duke? Who could forget how he befriended the timberwolf and was cheered when he got back to headquarters? Not me. Hmmm... I think I need to load up the ole' dvds again... Snake-Eyes is a ninja, but is also a critical part of the Joe force, often leading infiltration units, hence he gains Leadership. The rest of the normal ninja-powers are there: Leap/Climb, Blades / Claws / Fangs, Combat Reflexes, and the Avengers or Batman ally TAs to represent his membership as a Joe. His solo version is a different beast altogether with a higer cost to boot. He's made more for pure infiltration and surgical strikes, so he gets Stealth, Incapacitate, Indomidable, Combat Reflexes, and Exploit Weakness. Yeah, I’d be more afraid of this version than any of the others.

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Lame! Snake Eyes should have all the above on ONE token!

Posted by: Crazypool on 9/20/2013 1:28:44 PM
storm shadow

Posted by: Damon on 12/4/2011 10:16:59 AM
Yeah, that was the thing about the whole G.I.Joe cartoon: bad guys with tons of military hardware, but all with lousy Stormtrooper marksmanship.

Posted by: MEsch1974 on 1/26/2011 9:28:30 PM