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Lone Wolf & Cub - Baby Cart of Death
The Baby Cart of Death doesn’t really move on its own, but it truly lives up to its name. It’s armed to the teeth with spears and spring loaded daggers, and is lined at the bottom strong armor that can repel any number of bullets. Now you’re probably wondering about the [8] attack with Energy Explosion and three ranged attacks – but there’s a reason for this! Before assassinating a master gunsmith, Ogami was given the blueprints for a powerful new multi-fire weapon, which he incorporated directly into the Baby Cart of Death. This was truly his ultimate weapon.

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This story is AMAZING. As The Le says one of the best stories I EVER read. And as Hajime said, best $300 bucks ever spent!

Posted by: as_bat on 1/22/2010 11:57:12 AM
Best 3000 Bucks I ever spent!

Posted by: Darth Hajime on 7/28/2009 8:57:02 PM