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Lone Wolf & Cub - Daigoro
As a child, Ogami Itto gave his son a choice: choose the brightly colored ball (and receive a quick death) or choose the sword to become an assassin with his father. Daigoro chose the sword and his fate was sealed. Together they travel the road of the six paths and four lives. Daigoro is critical in the Lone Wolf and Cub series, as he adds a very interesting dimension to this story. He’s has shishogan eyes (that of a hardened warrior), and doesn’t think twice about killing someone with his Baby Cart of Death. Daigoro is represented here with Lois Lane stats.

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This story is AMAZING. As The Le says one of the best stories I EVER read. And as Hajime said, best $300 bucks ever spent!

Posted by: as_bat on 1/22/2010 11:57:12 AM
Best 3000 Bucks I ever spent!

Posted by: Darth Hajime on 7/28/2009 8:57:02 PM