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Harry Potter - Harry Potter
Harry is a pretty straight shooter. Daniel Radcliffe does a great job at playing an average everyday boy who becomes the greatest wizard ever. I think his best role was probably the first move, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. His worst? Probably the Goblet of Fire -- that long scruffy hair screamed of a makeover. I've never read the Harry Potter books, but I do like the movies a lot. Personally I would have preferred to see Harry get together with Hermione Granger... Daniel and Emma Watson seem to have a great deal of on-screen chemistry. Alas, Harry is destined to be with Ginny Weasly (who could also use a makeover).

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Seriously? Harry Potter? What's next? Twilight? Hunger Games? I know their popular, but it still seem like such a sell out move.

That said, I am an Emma Watson fan. Can we get a version that says "Emma" or "Emma Watson", preferably using the bottom "Wild Sentinel" picture - or maybe just some new different pictures lol.

Posted by: Samaritan on 8/19/2016 7:19:45 PM
If that Mysti Ron was an actual pog he would never leave Dr Stranges side... Giving him access to the Mystic TA as well as extending his 18 defend by one square. If you have an action to spare he can even throw up a smoke cloud to protect ol' Dumbledore... I mean Stephen.

Posted by: Stainawarjar on 8/8/2009 9:56:50 AM