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Harry Potter - Hermione Granger
Played by Emma Watson (born 4/15/1990), Hermione is the "know it all" of the Potter series. She’s pretty annoying early in the series, but becomes far more likeable by the third one (Prisoner of Azkaban). I’m not really sure how she is in the book, but I like her a lot in the movies. As a matter of fact, I wish Harry and Hermione would get together... but alas, my wife tells me that she hooks up with Ron in the book. Oh well. Not really much to explain about Hermione. She gets two "power" versions, one with the Mystics TA and one without. And I made a standard Wild Sentinel version based on the early movies.

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Seriously? Harry Potter? What's next? Twilight? Hunger Games? I know their popular, but it still seem like such a sell out move.

That said, I am an Emma Watson fan. Can we get a version that says "Emma" or "Emma Watson", preferably using the bottom "Wild Sentinel" picture - or maybe just some new different pictures lol.

Posted by: Samaritan on 8/19/2016 7:19:45 PM
If that Mysti Ron was an actual pog he would never leave Dr Stranges side... Giving him access to the Mystic TA as well as extending his 18 defend by one square. If you have an action to spare he can even throw up a smoke cloud to protect ol' Dumbledore... I mean Stephen.

Posted by: Stainawarjar on 8/8/2009 9:56:50 AM