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Green Arrow Arrow Mod
The Le (01/10/2011)
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Green Arrow Arrow ModNo, the title of this mod is not a mistake.

Our friend the ClixKid just posted an quick and easy way to give arrows to your DC 75th Green Arrow. I was so impressed, that I had to share with the rest of you.

If you haven't subscribed to ClixKid's youtube yet, please consider doing so here.

Note: we also recommend using a long toothpick, which may be easier to paint!

On with the show...

If you haven't subscribed to ClixKid's youtube yet, please consider doing so here.

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Your Comments:
@archery FTW: All comments are welcome. So please elaborate -- why is Green Arrow's archery form incorrect?

Posted by: The Le on 1/12/2011 8:36:34 PM
Not to be trollin or anything but that arrow in the vid is unrealistically long compared to the green arrows arm, and to all his fans (im included) he has terrible archery form...

Posted by: archery FTW on 1/12/2011 7:12:20 PM
absolutely agree with Dlydle, and scourge. note to ken: a bowstring is Never slack. the point of a bow is to be tense. if not, the bowstring needs to be shortened. (but i'm just trying to be accurate, and tiny strings are a pain ;P )

Posted by: Nightcrawler24 on 1/11/2011 3:54:51 AM
i tried the toothpick idea. It worked out great! I actually carved it to look like an arrow since the toothpick was a bit too bulky as is. Looking for some fishing line or something to string the bow, but it's been fun. Maybe i have a new hobby! thanks clixkid! your arrow still needs a tip though. lol

Posted by: Dlydle on 1/11/2011 2:43:55 AM
kinda lame, but points for effort.

Posted by: Dlydle on 1/10/2011 10:56:29 PM
@ scourge101

he he he he...

Posted by: Owlman166 on 1/10/2011 10:23:32 PM
I modded my Bat-Man/Green Arrow Duo click by cutting the spear off of an 'Amazon of Bana-Mighdall' and and thin strip of plastic twine. I glued the twine to the bow with a little slack in it to make it look like he was drawing the arrow back. It looks great.

Posted by: Ken on 1/10/2011 6:40:15 PM
owlman snuck in while I was typing :)

Posted by: scourge101 on 1/10/2011 4:30:43 PM
Nice and basic. Always need to start somewhere :)

first post :)

Posted by: scourge101 on 1/10/2011 4:29:49 PM
Hey, nice video! I'm looking forward to more clockworkdoorhinge, though!

Owlman out.

Posted by: Owlman166 on 1/10/2011 4:26:14 PM