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Casey Kempter
The Le (03/28/2011)
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HeroClix Modder Casey KempterThe Le: When did you start playing HeroClix?   

Casey: I started playing heroclix in early 2007. I remember my roommate at the time bringing home a few boosters and some singles plucked from the bin at our local gamer store. I remember his words exactly,"If you could have wolverine fight batman would that be awesome" My response was...." yes! that would be awesome."

My friend then proceeded to hand me a small wolverine and batman attached to what I thought were war hammer stands which of course turned out to be a COMBAT DIAL whaaaaaaaaaat! I immediately became hooked and quickly bought all that I could.  lol I can remember we were so horrible at the rules,  when we played we actually got into a few arguments over it. It was only after playing at some supported games with judges it became alot more enjoyable and fun. I just loved the whole strategic aspect of it and the different versions that were available. I had to own every spiderman, every batman, every wolverine. It became an addiction. My first unique was the universe #125 samurai wolverine paid 20 buckaroos for it, I love that one and still have it. I collected comics and liked to draw so heroclix just fit and it had me pumped because they don't sit, you can play them in a game display, then trade them. I can't remember the last time someone was willing to trade comic books. 

Casey Kempter Custom HeroClix

Casey kempter is a freelance artist available for commissions. He can be contacted at You can also see more of his custom HeroClix on his Facebook Page.

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Your Comments:
@MEsch1974: Casey and I have a pretty fun way to give it away, but I can't implement it until May I'm afraid, assuming Clix Addict doesn't kill me first (more on that later).

Posted by: The Le on 4/21/2011 2:10:04 PM
Soo... what's the story about that awesone spidey give-away?

Posted by: MEsch1974 on 4/21/2011 11:23:18 AM
The spike on the left arm really looks like Guyver's high frequency sword. Would have been nice to see Guyver Heroclix, oh well.

Posted by: kana78 on 4/17/2011 8:46:16 PM
@kana78 page 9 is the beginning's of a custom sabretooth in the older costume.

Posted by: casey on 4/17/2011 2:48:28 PM
On page 9, is that Guyver?

Posted by: kana78 on 4/10/2011 5:27:41 AM
Nice work, CK. May your hobby continue!

Posted by: Juxter on 3/29/2011 10:42:09 AM
I love this guys stuff i have bought some customs from him. It's the dr.doom an strange when they went to hell. Really top notch kustom clix

Posted by: tommyclix on 3/28/2011 7:20:06 PM
Please note that many of the images were sent to me last year, before the current sets were released. Also note that the bottom of each page (of that article) has a link to Casey's Facebook page -- I highly recommend you all check it out. His current stuff is top notch, and I wish I would have had the chance to put some of it into the article in time

Posted by: LE on 3/28/2011 4:29:53 PM
the white lantern sinestro is really awesome!

Posted by: ghk on 3/28/2011 10:54:10 AM
WOW... freakin' awesome work.

Dude's got great skill, and to dove-tail on the confusion re: the reluctance of public domain: Horrorclix players have been asking that for years.

Posted by: MEsch1974 on 3/28/2011 9:58:09 AM