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Faces of Eddie
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Iron Maiden HeroClixAt HeroClix World, we're hella excited about Iron Maiden HeroClix. We're not sure how the dials are going to be or what kind of compatibility we're looking at, but the very thought of having Eddie in 'Clix form makes us giggle like little school girls.

Eddie goes by many names: Eddie the Head, Eddie the 'ead, Edward the Head, Edward the Great, etc.

Kind of reminds me of Marvel's Apocalypse villain.

Created by Derek Riggs, Eddie was a piece of artwork that Iron Maiden came across and liked. They commissioned Derek for some changes and voila -- Eddie became the iconic character he is today! Let's take a look at Eddie's first appearance...

Iron Maiden HeroClix

Not exactly the heart pounding image you would expect, but wait, it gets much better in the later years!

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Your Comments:
The writer of this article got it wrong. Derek Riggs did the Seventh Son album art. If you look in the water below Eddie's right elbow, that's Derek's signature.

Posted by: Damo667 on 2/10/2012 4:18:10 PM
I really hope that this is HC compatible. I'd love to see good ol' "Trooper" Eddie charging into battle with my army of zombies and Black Lanterns. Long (un)live The Dead!

Posted by: The Blue Hope on 3/14/2011 8:51:20 AM
I'm waiting with baited breath. If it's only 8 sculpts, sounds like it ought to be an action pack. That'd make a heck of a lot of sense, IMHO.

Posted by: MEsch on 11/8/2010 9:28:34 PM
Oh please please please come with a horrorclix compatible card like the first run of marvel zombies.

Posted by: Ste on 8/5/2010 7:44:04 PM
A "stand-alone" game should mean it's something you can play on its own, like any regular Heroclix starter, without needing any other set to start playing. Meaning, you open it and get right into battle!
That's what I'm really hoping for!!

Posted by: Krueger666 on 8/3/2010 2:59:34 PM
I just thought I would add, that this is a stand-alone game. So, I am pretty sure it will not be HC compatible. However, some of these covers do look awesome for a good clix representation. If they choose to go that route

Posted by: shadowmark on 7/29/2010 10:14:57 PM
i dont really deal with IM myself either but this is great for indie-clix market and might be a good thing for people tring to get in to clix

Posted by: jack on 7/29/2010 1:04:15 PM
Excellent article, my dear friends!
I'm the number 1 fan of Iron Maiden, the greatest band of all time! I have all their albums, DVDs, singles, a couple Eddie action figures, I've attended all their live gigs here in Portugal and I own every single tour t-shirt I've seen here! You can bet I'll collect every "Eddix" when they come out!!!
I agree with you. Somehere in Time is hands down the best Maiden cover. If you could show the entire cover (front and back) you would see the amazing little details Derek has put into it. It's breathtaking! You missed the Brave New World cover, which is also great, with a representation of a future London and Eddie forming in the clouds above.
Long live NECA for bringing us Maiden and Eddix into heroclix! Please make it 100% heroclix compatible and I'll dance around my Eddix like a maniac, to the sound of "Clix, Clix, Clix, the Game of the Beast!"

Posted by: Krueger666 on 7/29/2010 12:58:41 PM
I would like it to be clix compatible for the same reason I would like a lot of other characters I dislike to be, namely, so I can enjoy kicking them around, and ultimatley off, the map.

Posted by: Greth on 7/29/2010 12:28:26 PM
Yeah, I'm getting the Iron Maiden 'clix, too!
We play pretty casual in some of our formats, and HrC, MK, and even an occasional HaloClix fig are fielded.
Can't wait to bring the Death and Destruction that is the Maiden!
I will have to make sure to dig out an old concert T-shirt from the early '80's I have in storage.

Posted by: Hodak on 7/29/2010 12:26:30 PM
Just thought I i'd let you know there's already a version of eddi out there his names is Nekron

Posted by: cody Hughes on 7/29/2010 11:55:03 AM
I'm always excited for new figures for Heroclix but if its a separate game then I'm out.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 7/29/2010 11:48:57 AM
(chirp chirp) Crickets for me. Just couldn't care less about this product. No idea who this is or why they are bothering to clix him? it? Whatever. If you like it more power to yah, but can't say it's revving me up any.

Posted by: Webslinger14 on 7/29/2010 9:05:16 AM
I really want the Live After Death cover as a clix. Eddie rising from the dead with "That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die" on his gravestone! Not enough H. P. Lovecraft in clix IMO

Posted by: Mike Hume on 7/29/2010 7:54:00 AM
I like the "Deathlok" looking cyborg one.
I'll have to snag one or two of those on eBay, to run with Deathlok.
I wonder what the keywords will be like?
All "Iron Maiden", then a few more generic keywords on select pieces, maybe?

Posted by: glen_smith on 7/29/2010 7:14:20 AM
any idea what the figs look like yet?

Posted by: jack on 7/29/2010 6:34:16 AM
I want a Trooper Eddie. As long as he's carrying a Union Jack banner.

Posted by: Vegas Rudeboy on 7/29/2010 4:26:52 AM
Looks great, and should be really fun to play, but I really hope they make a samurai Eddie from the cover of Maiden Japan. Should be an easy click to portray with b/c/f and all. I just love how he wields the sword on one cover and holds a head on the other.

P.S. *First*

Posted by: skallanc on 7/29/2010 3:53:39 AM