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Top 5 Gears of War Weapons
The Le (08/16/2011)
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Gears of War Hammerburst#3 Hammerburst
Now this is more like it. This Locust weapon may not have close combat instant-kill ability that the chainsaw lancer does, but it's a far superior piece of equipment. It's fast melee allows for quick stunning or even quick killing, and the Hammerburst actually fires 2 bullets with every pull of the trigger.

While only a semi-automatic (the Lancer is fully automatic), a seasoned player with a fast finger can fire just as fast as those lazy Lancer players. The Hammerburst's downfall is it's very small ammo-clip, but the built-in zoom more than makes up for it, making the Hammerburst a much better long range weapon than the COG Lancer.

Warning, the video below is from Gears of War and contains violence and simulated death blood/gore. It is not recommended for children.

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im surprised the gnasher didnt make it!! its all ANYBODY EVER USES EVER!!!! AND ITS ANNOYING AS HELL

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