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Top 5 Gears of War Weapons
The Le (08/16/2011)
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Goto Comments

Gorgon Pistol#1 Gorgon Pistol
Easily the least favorite hand gun in the Gears universe, I'm amazed to see players take the even the default COG snub pistol over the Gorgon. Even though it can't make head-shots like the snub pistol or over-rated Boltok pistol, the Gorgon Pistol is literally like having a mini machine gun.

The Gorgon's burst firing mechanism makes it much harder to use, but veterans who are proficient with it can take down any target (not to mention that the burst fire makes it simply the best weapon to use when trying to take out those exploding Tickers). The Gorgon's double-clip system gives it the second best ammo-clip numbers in the game and did I mention it has a zoom?

You betcha.

Warning, the video below is from Gears of War and contains violence and simulated death blood/gore. It is not recommended for children.

Gears of War 3 comes exclusively on the Xbox 360 on 9-20-2011 and
the Gears of War HeroClix set comes out tomorrow.

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im surprised the gnasher didnt make it!! its all ANYBODY EVER USES EVER!!!! AND ITS ANNOYING AS HELL

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