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Pow! Deadshot
The Le (12/09/2015)
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Pow! Deadshot HeroClix Strategy
Our modern age strategy guide continues with Deadshot, one of my favorite Suicide Squad members... way before it was cool to like Suicide Squad.

At 100 points, Deadshot is an excellent secondary attacker due to his insane ranged attack abilities, and a touch of Precision Strike at the end to make him dangerous to even close combatants. At first glance Deadshot doesn't seem like much -- short dial, damage of just 3, and medicore speed, and not too impressive range of 7 -- but take a closer look and you have a beast of a dial.

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Pow! Deadshot
Usage / Summary
He is and should be a ranged attacker on any team. Use a standard D&D format -- melee brawlers in the front to tie up your opponent while Deadshot sits in the back and blasts away. Stick him in hindering (preferably in elevation) to take advantage of Stealth. He's a great rooftop sniper.

He's can hide and ping your opponents at will thanks to Sharpshooter, a whopping [12] attack value, and . His range is a bit low, but you can always Perplex it to 10. Another option is to use that Sniper Rifle ability to get a natural 10 range -- which is a replacement value, so you can still perplex it to 13!

Right: Discounted HeroClix!

Key Feature
First you have the ability to deal damage at 7 range or 10. Then, you can use his BANG ability to modify his range by another 2! So without Perplex Deadshot can have a 9 or 12 range! Don't forget his ability to shoot through hindering terrain without a penalty. His TA can also be useful if you have another ranged attacker next to him.

Suicide Squad HeroClixSuicide Squad: When a friendly character adjacent to a character using the Suicide Squad team ability is KO’d, roll a d6 and subtract 2 from the  result, minimum result 1. After the action is resolved, if this character is not KO’d, you may heal it of damage equal to the result.

He's a tad top heavy, losing that awesome Special Power after just one click. He does gain Energy Explosion and Running Shot allowing him to move quickly -- but he loses Stealth too! It's an interesting trade off. Sadly, with the first click being so strong, you really don't want to push him off that click.

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Your Comments:
+1 on theme team building!

Posted by: Captain Caliber on 12/16/2015 12:18:47 PM
have him with the batman arkam clix and deathstoke

Posted by: twolv on 12/11/2015 4:31:21 AM
On pros you have a questionable statement. You state his range is a little low, but a 7 base Range is a little higher than the norm lately, especially for modern (since that's the age you mentioned in the beginning. The average range seems to cap at 6, and anyone above 7 is typically someone deserving of it like Deadshot here.

Maybe consider adding a "Themed Team Building" section in which you can highlight some of the combos you can execute with his allies. This could highlight some cool "themed" tricks like making him Harley's Puddin', having Mirror Master carry him in position with PC for the assist (this will allow Deadshot to dump his RCE into damage), or pairing him up with Waller on the team to bring several more maniacal combos into the fold.

All in all, I like these kinds of articles as they inspire me to build some great teams. Thanks for posting!

Posted by: Sandy Hawk on 12/10/2015 3:29:36 PM