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owlman166's Top 5 DC Wants
Joshua "owlman166" Bercaw (07/19/2011)
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HeroClix Top 5 DC Wants Olwman166Joshua Bercaw recently signed up as a new HeroClix World freelancer, via Clix Addict.Today he comes to us with the top 5 DC HeroClix figures he'd like to see in the future. (With the Superman HeroClix set just over a month away, maybe we'll see some of these figures make it!)

#5 Dr. Hugo Strange
Dr. Hugo Strange is one of DC’s resident mad scientists. Strange has yet to make his debut for HeroClix, and I believe he deserves a little recognition, as he is one of only a handful of Bat villains to deduce the Batman’s secret identity.

According to Wikipedia, Strange is a scientific genius, as well as a master hand-to-hand combatant, and an expert in psychology. Not exactly the most popular Bat baddy, to be sure, but still very formidable, none the less.

Here’s an idea of a special power for the doc…

HeroClix Special PowerScientific Genius): Opposing characters named “Batman”, or any opposing characters with the Batman Ally team ability within 6 clear sight spaces may not use Outwit, Perplex, or the Indomitable ability.

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Your Comments:
Hi Folks

My Top Favorits from my DC Wish List

1. Killermoth (I Like this Loser)
2. Huntress (They need a Update Urgently)
3. Star Sprangled Kid and Stripesy
4. Shining Knight
5. Alpha Centurion

And after Reading the new Batgirl Comics so i Wish the New Batgirl, Roxy Sutton, Dr. Phosphorus and Riot....

Greetings from Switzerland

Posted by: Morcar on 10/22/2011 6:22:18 PM
How about a DC Mystics Set??? There are plenty of Mystical Characters that have never been made. A set would get the whole batch out there and everybody who bought a boster would get at least some Mystics figures.

Posted by: David Hawk on 10/21/2011 11:09:05 AM
Surprised I missed this post- one of my favorite topics!

-Black Orchid
-Kanjar Ro (come on, who doesn't think of him when picturing 70's-80's JLA covers)
-Negative Man
-Lady Shiva (totally agree, she is so much more formidable than as clixed. I use a gamora as her stand-in.)
-Dex Starr

But I liked the Staphanie Brown Batgirl, Huntress, and Highfather. Heck, I'd be hapy to see Any of the New Gods

Posted by: aqhoffman on 8/27/2011 7:09:19 PM

1. Tommy Tommorrow
2. Zinda Blake
3. Crazy Quilt (Original)
4. Unknown Soldier
5. Haunted Tanl (Original)

Posted by: jhunt on 8/1/2011 6:35:52 PM
Yeah, I can't believe I forgot about Weather Wizard. Poor guy, he's been waiting a LONG time for a remake. Him, Cap. Cold, Heat Wave, and Abra Kadabra especially could use a remakes. I submitted a Top 5 Marvel list to The Le, so hopefully, it'll get posted here in a week or so.

Posted by: Owlman166 on 7/29/2011 5:23:19 AM

Posted by: doomwolf on 7/22/2011 3:30:51 PM
hay there is always room for more lanterns, and if you count up all the batman characters we've had (this counting all batmans as one and all hal jordans as one) the batman characters easily outnumber the lantern figs
I want more lanterns!!! but i dont wanna see another hal jordan for a long time.
here's a list of my lantern wants
Rayner as parralax
melting man
green lantern Guy Gardner
new regular continuity kilowog
Cyborg superman (with Sinestro corp seal on his chest)
a transparent orange lantern minion (just so we can build a larfleeze themed team)
plus countless other red and yellow characters i cant currently remember the names of

Posted by: Ste on 7/22/2011 11:25:06 AM
I would be happy to see ALL of the Flash's Rogues Gallery get new figs....I thought that Captain Cold was Flash's main why does he not have a new figure?


Posted by: Ellraiser on 7/22/2011 7:56:09 AM
Regarding Indy, I could go for another City of Villains/City of Heroes remake myself.

Posted by: Owlman166 on 7/22/2011 7:51:15 AM
My Marvel five:

1. Exiles version Sunfire
2. Warwolves
3. Dr. Druid
4. Monet
5. Slapstick

My DC five

1. Stephanie Brown version of Batgirl
2. Superman villain Livewire
3. Forerunner
4. Starbreaker
5. Libra

My Indy five:
instead of releasing a new indy booster set I'd love
to see more non-random sets based on the following series

1. Preacher
2. Top 10
3. Astro City
4. Dr. Horrible
5. Irredemable

Posted by: waxlion on 7/21/2011 12:25:28 PM
1. A new Veteran version of Nightwing in his new red/black costume with the Martial Artist, Detective, Gotham City and Justice League of America keywords.

2. Daredevil - A good veteran version thats better then the HOT rookie and who has the Martial Artist, Marvel Knights and Avengers keywords.

3. Elektra - While the two versions in Secret Invasion are good, she doesnt look human in the human dial.

4. Arisia, Soratek Natu & Liara- All three are/where members of the Green Lantern Corps and two of them have never been made and the third is so outdated (Arisia) that she badly needs a remake. If you do make Liara please make her a GL Corps member.

5. Gladiator - The classic villian with the circular saw blades and steel helmet who fought Iron man and Daredevil in the 1960's. He's never been made and DD needs to fight his enemy who became a client/frind to Matt Murdock.

Thats my choices who I would love to see made/remade. I would have considered Huntress and Catwoman but they have already been mentioned.

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 7/21/2011 10:45:10 AM
Besides the following, I would love to see the following:

1) Ultraman (CSA Affil)
2) Bat-Mite (Mystics Affil)
3) Kingdom Come Wonder Woman (Hypertime Affil)
4) Highfather (New God Addition)

As for the remark by Kragnorak: the same could be said for the Marvel sets since most the sets feature Spider-Man, Captain America, and Hulk in some capacity

Posted by: Starman76 on 7/21/2011 9:32:30 AM
Well I just have to say that as much as I want a new huntress I don't think will be one cuz the set is Superman not batman :(

Posted by: David on 7/21/2011 9:03:29 AM
One reason that I am less excited about DC sets than Marvel sets is that DC relies too heavily on their big-name characters, which leads to DC sets being full of remakes (whereas Marvel can achieve great success with the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy). This list does nothing to change my prejudice, as there is only 1 new character out of 5 wished for. That's not a very good percentage!

I wish that DC would enable their Vertigo and Wildstorm lines to be adapted into Clix form as that would be quite interesting. I would like to see from DC:

1) Robin (the girl from Frank Miller's graphic novels)
2-4) Members of the Authority
5) Captain Nazi

Posted by: Kragnorak on 7/20/2011 2:11:13 PM
MR Freeze. One of my favorite Villians. I would like for him to be given a special power of barrier/incap. It could be called 'You Shouldn't Have Been There'. Something like. "character may use Barrier and place 6 tokens starting no more than 2 spaces from him. He may places these tokens in squares the contain both friendly and opposing characters. Any character in these spaces receive and action token. Characters may use supersenses to avoid this attack and move to an adjacent space away from Mr. Freeze"

Many of times Mr.freeze has caught his lackeys in his Barrier and just left them there as he walked away.

Posted by: Sirchristopher on 7/20/2011 1:46:36 PM
Lady Shiva. I would like he special power to be as well, 'if Lady Shiva scores a Critical Hit is deals at least one pentrating damage

Posted by: Sirchristopher on 7/20/2011 12:07:14 PM
Thanks for the comments, guys. I think we can ALL agree that Huntress is way overdue. I like the Catwoman idea, and I'd like to see Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy as seperate figures in the future. But please, NECA: No more Lanterns for a while. DC75th wound up being a Lantern set, not a '75th Anniversary set.

I'd be happy to do a Marvel list.

Posted by: Owlman166 on 7/20/2011 5:41:02 AM

Posted by: The God of Rock on 7/20/2011 12:05:33 AM
The author definitely has some Batman love, but there are so many other DC characters that need to be made. First there are those who desperately need to be remade such as Booster Gold, Captain Atom and Catwoman. Then there are figures who have never been made like Maxwell Lord, Eradicator, John Constantine, Imperiex and Highfather.

And Hugo Strange's power shouldn't be Bat-centric. Let him be the DC counterpart to the Chameleon and have a special power that prevents figures from using Alter Ego powers.

Posted by: Wombatboy on 7/19/2011 7:57:09 PM
Like Dr. Hugo Strange

Posted by: Lord Logan on 7/19/2011 7:21:40 PM
Pretty good list but I would love to see some of the Imperial Guard, especially a new Gladiator. He's definitely due a new heroclix. He's been showing up more often in the comics. Havok would be another one that needs a makeover. Are you going to do a Marvel top 5?

Posted by: geminimerc on 7/19/2011 4:05:32 PM
I like a lot of this suggestions, they're cool. But way too bat-centric. DC want list should be broader, and without having like half of the remakes of existing characters. Some new stuff is what we need.

Posted by: Bobby on 7/19/2011 3:56:52 PM
I'd also really, really like to see a Sinestro corps Cyborg Superman and Parallax! You've been doing pretty good, Wizkids, giving us teams. Gimme the big name Sinestros!

Posted by: mbZero on 7/19/2011 12:55:38 PM
well cyborg superman and parallax have all ready been made
i would have some more black lanters like deathstorm or black beatle

Posted by: ikari on 7/19/2011 11:57:01 AM
I'd also really, really like to see a Sinestro corps Cyborg Superman and Parallax! You've been doing pretty good, Wizkids, giving us teams. Gimme the big name Sinestros!

Posted by: mbZero on 7/19/2011 10:48:05 AM
@sparkdemon: that would be awsome, just have a total FREEZE OUT lol or as arnold would say, everybody freeze, chill out, cool party

Posted by: Jeris on 7/19/2011 10:20:42 AM
Good article, I think a good power for freeze should allow him to use incapacitate on 3 targets but hey that's just me :)

Posted by: Jeris on 7/19/2011 7:26:59 AM

i would say add in on a roll of doubles, give 2 action tokens instead of 1, but the character does not take pushing damage if a second action token was given by this effect (so i target characters with 0-0-1 toekns, only the third would take pushing dmg if i hit with doubles)

Posted by: sparkdemon on 7/19/2011 9:34:17 AM
I think that Mr. Freeze power is not only great, but important too. I fear the trauma another performance by the Governator as a favorite childhood character might do to my psyche.

Posted by: mbZero on 7/19/2011 7:47:16 AM
Since there has already been a HElena Bertinelli Huntress i would rather see a Helena Wayne one instead. even if her character was lost in the 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'.

For a newer character however i would like to see one of the Current Mon-El now that he is a Green Lanters as well as leader of the Legion of Superheros

Posted by: Grim on 7/19/2011 7:27:03 AM
Good article, I think a good power for freeze should allow him to use incapacitate on 3 targets but hey that's just me :)

Posted by: Jeris on 7/19/2011 7:26:59 AM
I added the "Special Powers" to all the characters, except Dr Hugo Strange, in order to "round out" the article... that's kind of my job as an editor. The core writing is by Joshua, so he deserves the credit for this excellent article as far as I'm concerned.

I look forward to seeing more of Joshua's articles in the future.

-The Le

Posted by: The Le on 7/19/2011 7:19:39 AM
Actually, that Mr. Freeze comment was The Le's idea, not mine.

Posted by: Owlman166 on 7/19/2011 7:08:54 AM
That special power for Mr. Freeze Redeux is hilarious!

Posted by: MEsch on 7/19/2011 6:59:05 AM
Hmmmm, I could totally go for a new Mr. Freeze. He's one of my favorite Bat villians. I like the idea of the huntress, if done right. The rest, meh, whatever.

Posted by: rwhitl on 7/19/2011 6:37:34 AM
I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for these now that DC has decided to pi** on 75 years of history and reboot the universe. For all we know Jim Lee and Co. will wipe all these characters out or make them all Asian. We'll never see a Rex Tyler Hourman, and original Dr. Midnight, Terraman, Mon El... DC is killing my heros.

Posted by: giantYanni on 7/19/2011 6:16:23 AM