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Quintessential Mad Pierrot
Eric Schaen and The Le (10/23/2015)
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The Quintessential Mad Pierrot HeroClix Dial (Cowboy Bebop)
Cowboy Bebop is one of the best Anime... like... ever. As good as it was, there were some episodes that shines brighter than others -- especially Pierrot Le Fou. "Mad Pierrot" is an assassin created in a lab. He's ultra deadly, and fairly crazy.

Dial by Eric Schaen (continued below)

Pierrot Le Fou Cowboy Bebop HeroClix
Marvel Zombies HeroClixPierrot is the ultimate assassin, with some Close Combat Expert, Energy Explosion, and Ranged Combat Expert -- making him deadly up close or by range. He's also got a number ways to get into position with Running Shot and Sidestep -- not to mention consistent attack values for the entire dial.

Fortunately he has a weakness against cats... but who doesn't?

Would you play Pierrot Le Fou?

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Your Comments:
@Shaft! As long as there is an Ein/Ed duo piece I'm sold
Mad Pierrot needs to keep a higher attack longer like 3 for 3 clix then a drastic drop, maybe extend the dial out to 8 clix because he is a bastard

Posted by: Rab4630 on 10/23/2015 8:57:30 AM
This is so spot on! He would be quite a challenge!

Posted by: Todd heup on 10/23/2015 8:42:23 AM
If only we could get some cowboy bebop clix.

Posted by: Shaft!! on 10/23/2015 8:22:09 AM