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Casey Kempter
The Le (03/28/2011)
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Tron Spider-Man HeroClixThe Le: Looks like you're a comic book fan. Any favorite characters/teams from the Marvel Universe?

Casey: Oh you have no idea! Okay I collect now mostly for the art it's hard to collect a whole story line these days they spread them over so many titles you would end up with such a mish mash of a comic book collection. I go for the trades and hardcovers,some of my favorite story lines though are anything batman /superman (Micheal turner)/(Jim Lee) Marvel secret invasion,civil war, Zombies, X-force the new x force (The Apocalypse solution)  looks awesome,mutant massacre,The Ultimates series, X-men(also uncanny), ultimatum,1602, anything Spider man, Wolverine...old man Logan was one of my favorites. I'm digging the Vampire storyline marvel is doing right now also the thanos imperative & Doom War.

The Le: How about the DC Universe?

Casey: Hmmmmm DC, well besides batman & superman,the outsiders, blackest night of course,Red rain,Jim Lee's Hush, Batman and Robin the boy wonder,The countdown arena series. Kingdom Come, Alex Ross is an amazing artist His work is so realistic. I also Love anything with the joker he's probably a close second to my favorite villain Dr.Doom! 

The Le: Indy?

Casey: Not really Into Indy all that much I like wildcats,the authority,velocity,early spawn like 1 through 40 the newer stuff I've lost touch with.

Casey Kempter Custom HeroClix

Casey kempter is a freelance artist available for commissions. He can be contacted at You can also see more of his custom HeroClix on his Facebook Page.

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Your Comments:
@MEsch1974: Casey and I have a pretty fun way to give it away, but I can't implement it until May I'm afraid, assuming Clix Addict doesn't kill me first (more on that later).

Posted by: The Le on 4/21/2011 2:10:04 PM
Soo... what's the story about that awesone spidey give-away?

Posted by: MEsch1974 on 4/21/2011 11:23:18 AM
The spike on the left arm really looks like Guyver's high frequency sword. Would have been nice to see Guyver Heroclix, oh well.

Posted by: kana78 on 4/17/2011 8:46:16 PM
@kana78 page 9 is the beginning's of a custom sabretooth in the older costume.

Posted by: casey on 4/17/2011 2:48:28 PM
On page 9, is that Guyver?

Posted by: kana78 on 4/10/2011 5:27:41 AM
Nice work, CK. May your hobby continue!

Posted by: Juxter on 3/29/2011 10:42:09 AM
I love this guys stuff i have bought some customs from him. It's the dr.doom an strange when they went to hell. Really top notch kustom clix

Posted by: tommyclix on 3/28/2011 7:20:06 PM
Please note that many of the images were sent to me last year, before the current sets were released. Also note that the bottom of each page (of that article) has a link to Casey's Facebook page -- I highly recommend you all check it out. His current stuff is top notch, and I wish I would have had the chance to put some of it into the article in time

Posted by: LE on 3/28/2011 4:29:53 PM
the white lantern sinestro is really awesome!

Posted by: ghk on 3/28/2011 10:54:10 AM
WOW... freakin' awesome work.

Dude's got great skill, and to dove-tail on the confusion re: the reluctance of public domain: Horrorclix players have been asking that for years.

Posted by: MEsch1974 on 3/28/2011 9:58:09 AM