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Top 10 Amazing Spider-Man Covers
The Le (01/22/2013)
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HeroClix World Amazing Spider-Man#2 ISSUE 301
(click image to enlarge)

HeroClix Community member Borgy Borgonia chose this cover as one of his favorites, and we couldn't agree more. What's really fascinating about this issue is that it marked the return of the red and blue costume and the end of Spider-Man in Black. In fact, Issue 300 had the exact same pose with the black costume. Just click the image to the left to see them side-by-side!

(oh, and check out this Issue 700 alternate cover!)

From the Marvel Wikia:
"After the Wild Pack fails to crack Frank Cruz's Pruett Building security system, Cruz offers Silver Sable $100,000 to defeat the system by herself. Visiting the Symkarian Embassy while Pruett and Cruz are there, Spidey's spider-sense buzzes. A gray-haired man asks for Peter at Bedford Towers, learning he has gone out. Peter visits Empire State University, where Dr. Sloan talks him into giving a guest speech on ohmic resistance. While MJ squabbles with Topaz, a fellow model, Peter decides to investigate Frank Cruz's apartment. The gray-haired man just misses him at ESU.

Spidey learns that Cruz is the son of Nazi Heinrich Kraus, who died in prison after Silver put him away. Realizing that Cruz has transformed his security system into a deathtrap, Spider-Man busts in on Silver's system test. The two battle before Spidey reveals explosives tied to the button Silver was instructed to push. Cruz escapes while Pruett pays Silver the $100,000. Returning home, Peter Parker finds the gray-haired man, Martin Jacobi, who offers him a job as chief assistant of On-Line Research's Experimental Division in Emporia, Kansas."

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Your Comments:
This is just factually wrong. ASM #23, absent hu? No #33. One of the best of all time. I don't mean to just flame you, but you need to learn your history before you act like you do.

Posted by: Realik on 1/28/2013 6:59:28 PM
Really great use of pictures and comparisons The Le. Thanks for going the extra mile!

To 'keep things clixy' i'm going to say the cover with the pose they copied for the Web of Spiderman Spidermen. Don't know the mumber, don't really care. The brooding half cocooned in webbing pose is cool!

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 1/25/2013 8:10:38 AM
Hey The LE, thanks for including one of my picks! it was fun researching my old favorites for this- feel free to keep me in mind for future articles :)

Posted by: Neil on 1/22/2013 3:48:40 PM