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Of Dice and Plastic Men: The Super-est of Sets
Kyle From Kansas (10/12/2011)
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HeroClix Of Dice and Plastic Men: SupermanI have to confess I’ve never been the biggest Superman fan. Hoping to create the admiration and fandom I regularly see in others, I bought and read ACTION COMICS #1 a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. I want to like him, if only for his exceptional moral character and that hating Superman feels like hating the American flag and apple pie. I'm not a Superman hater in the least, I have just always been uninterested. Maybe watching Lois & Clark on TV as a child burned me out. Maybe it was the more recent movie that seemed to drag on. It just has never grabbed me and I’m not holding my breath for that to change.

Therefore I wasn’t overly optimistic leading into the Superman Heroclix set. Fearful that I would be inundated with unfamiliar villains and high cost Supermen, I pre-ordered a brick figuring at worst I would have trade bait for bigger DC fans. I believed the set would tide me over for the HULK set for which I may need to hold up a liquor store or take up a second career in Narcotics Entrepreneurship in order to get all my wanted pieces. It probably puts me in the minority that I was excited when I found out about the Flashpoint Super Rares. Having The Bat-Man to hope-for made a world of difference in my excitement level. The set also has a ton of solid, usable pieces in the CUR set and a list of neat SRs that garner affection even from a Marvel enthusiast like me.

I purchased my brick and opened it in store while waiting for a Draft event to start. Halfway in I was taken off guard by the green plastic that was revealed when I opened a booster lid. I had pulled a Green Kryptonite pack. I hadn’t been keeping up with pull threads online so I had no idea what it was. Superman #56, Doomsday, Lex Luthor, Parasite and All-star bizzaro were in the pack along with a bonus piece of Green Kryptonite. Nothing earth shattering by any stretch of the imagination, but I really enjoyed the pageantry that was placed around my fortunate chase pull. I can only imagine the reaction in sealed events when someone pulls on of these Kryptonite boosters. With the even distributions we now see I think this is a wonderful idea thought up by Wizkids.

Clearly as a recipient of one of these packs I’m biased. However, I think even the most cynical sour-puss would admit that since it does not change the distribution, what is the harm in a little fun with packaging. #56 Superman is neat but I think I’m more excited to tell people about the green plastic it came in. Clearly I’m like a child on Christmas morning more interested in climbing in the giant box than playing with the train set that came out of it.


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Your Comments:
The main reason why I loved the Superman set was because of the Flashpoint figures. I was a huge fan of Flashpoint and it helped me become interested in the DC comics reboot. I also liked Darkseid (classic TV cartoon villain in the Superman shows) and Black Adam. Also, Aquaman and Wonder Woman from Flashpoint are totally badass figures.

Posted by: Ryan on 10/12/2011 5:28:09 PM
(greater than)(greater than)Maybe watching Lois & Clark on TV as a child burned me out. Maybe it was the more recent movie that seemed to drag on. It just has never grabbed me and I’m not holding my breath for that to change.
(less than)(less than)
well theres your problem right there, 2 of the worst examples of the character on film. you were much better off with the Animated Series or even the old George Reeve series from the 50's. gave a much better 'Clark Kent' (more beleivable as a Reporter)

Posted by: Ken on 10/12/2011 4:41:29 PM
I too was ready to be inundated by high-priced Supermen and obscure villains, but was more than pleasantly surprised with the comic accuracy of the pieces... if not accuracy, then believability in the differences between the pieces we've seen and what's presented in the comics... I've really enjoyed the set so far! As for a 2nd career in Narcotics, would that be the second time, or just a secondary source to your current income?

Posted by: CaptainAmeriBrad on 10/12/2011 2:34:18 PM
I will second Austin Aries comment about putting the 3D objects in the boosters. But I also would add, that however many they make per set. Wizkids guarentees a complete set of them per case.

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 10/12/2011 10:03:14 AM
So what's the pre-requisite for Narcotics Entrepreneurship? How would one qualify? Do you have to have FMLA? Hehehe.

Posted by: Ianator on 10/12/2011 8:58:54 AM
I agree about the Kryptonite in the packs. Please Wizkids start putting 3d objects into packs!!!

Posted by: Austin Aries on 10/12/2011 5:08:56 AM