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Worst Clix Ever - Hound
The Le (09/08/2014)
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Worst HeroClix Ever - HoundWe continue our Worst Clix Ever series with something a little more recent than the previous choices - Marvel DOFP Hound, from the Action Pack series!

At first glance Hound seems very powerful, even at 130 points. 10 clicks of life is awfully deep and her attack values are workable, even in today's power game -- the Defense is good in the first half of the dial too. But those starting clicks just stink to high heaven. Right off the bat she starts with 4 clicks Earthbound/Neutralized, making her Flight completely useless.



Her damage is 0 with Close Combat Expert -- why? Seriously. It'll take her 2 turns just to get into position to deal 2 damage? Really? She does have Incapacitate with a range of 8, but again she's not going to be useful until turn 2 or likely turn 4 after she rests (and that [9] attack value is pretty mediocre). All that for 130 points? Really?

Continued Below...

Worst HeroClix Ever - Hound

I have to admit, the last half of the dial is better -- thanks to Ranged Combat Expert, Super Senses, and a touch of Pulse Wave and Penetrating/Psychic Blast. The Telekinesis is wasted in the last half (and extremely uselss in the first half of the dial), but some of that Mind Control isn't bad.

But once again, for 130 points she's just going to sit around and do nothing for 4 turns. A smart player will just let her wither in the wind and deal with her last, since she's not useful (or even a threat) for her first 4 clicks of life.

Don't get be wrong, the dial isn't bad... if it were 70 points or so. But at 130 it's awful.

Congratulations Hound, you're this week's Worst Clix Ever!

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Your Comments:
@Benjamin: Maybe 1 click of Earthbound isn't unheard of in today's game; maybe even two in Kyle's case; but 4? That is unheard of

Posted by: Ozz on 9/17/2014 9:56:39 AM
Nothing wrong with Earthbound, IF it is comic accurate. The thing I always found insane was "activation" clicks, a first click with no powers representing the hero before their powers activated.

The issue was it took until turn 4 to make a useful action with them. Despite being comic accurate in that some characters have to do an action before they get powered up, my problem with this was do they ever show up to a battle without powering up first?

Black Adam and Captain Atom were 2 DC characters who got saddled with this unfortunate trend in their first appearances in the game.

BTW, Where is my remake of Captain Atom, or my nu52 Captain Atom piece?

Posted by: superfriend on 9/10/2014 6:50:11 AM
Never see Earthbound in a modern game? What modern game do you play. From DoFP: Colossus, Angel. From Deadpool: Red Hulk. From AvX: Pheonixbuster Iron Man. FI: Dracula. WoL: Parallax (Kyle), Superboy Prime. Legion of Doom: Giganta.

Not a lot of it, but it's there to make the figures comic accurate.

And I would say, it does make Hound comic accurate as Rachel wasn't a flier or a Poenix at that point in her life. When I compare that last 5-6 clix of life to the DoFP Rachel Summers, it is worth nearly her same 76 points and I say the other 54 is almost worth the first 4. Remember, she was a support piece, a Hound for Ahab.

Okay, I'll agree that the 0 damage is not the best, but, again, she sniffed out and incapped runaway mutants.

I say, even with power creep taking it's toll, if you can get your venue to place a starting line for clix six for about 70 points or even allow an alter ego at click 3 to the DoFP Rachel Summers on click 3, playing only the first 4 click for 40 points (or, of course the full dial at 130 points), this piece is still a reasonable dial when played right (the secret is to use her to control the board, pushing her like a hound, as Ahab would, until she breaks).

I just wouldn't spend the $15 price I keep seeing her at.

Posted by: Benjamin on 9/8/2014 10:55:39 PM
Holy crap I never relized she had 4 clix of Earthbound. That is insanely bad, especially since you never see that anymore in today's game, thankfully.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 9/8/2014 11:36:01 AM