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Quintessential Batman
Eric Schaen & The Le (07/23/2014)
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HeroClix World Quintessential Batman DialToday we kick off a brand new series of articles called the Quintessential series. For this new series, we'll be presenting the ideal HeroClix dial for your favorite comic book characters. DC Entertainment has declared today as Batman Day, and what better way to celebrate than with the Quintessential Batman dial?

Batman has always fit multiple rolls -- he's a fighter, he's a loner, he's a team player (when he's in the mood), and he's the best tactician around.

As a fighter, the Quintessential Batman gets an array of offensive abilities like Charge, Running Shot, and Bat Gadgets that include Smoke Cloud, Incapacitate, and Energy Explosion. Time and again we've seen Batman use these devices (with Smoke Cloud being his favorite)

Dial by Eric Schaen - continued below...

HeroClix World Quintessential Batman Dial

As a loner the Quintessential Batman gets a full dial of Stealth thanks to his Batman Ally TA, and Indomitable of course (his will is great). As a utility team player and tactician, he gets Outwit and Perplex, but not too much of it -- he'll always find the weak spot in any opponent. Just remember, Batman's not a tentpole piece. In the game of HeroClix, he should be part of a well constructed team.

Do you have a favorite comic character you'd like to see in the next Quintessential? Let us know below! (and tell us what you think of the Quintessential Batman!)

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Your Comments:
Wow not having that attack sp top dial totally explains why its only 130 points....haha

Posted by: clixjunky on 8/8/2014 4:50:18 PM
I kind of left this one alone. I felt I had been too negative about some of the previous custom dials here. Some thoughts.

In general, for these dials, I would like to see some commentary on these as to why the designer chose the values and specific clicks to put certain powers on. For example, with Batman, WK seems to give him a range of 6. Why did the designer feel a range of 5 fits the character better.

Overall, a good representation. I like the trait, movement and attack SPs (the damage one is just a std power in a different slot.

My favorite special power for Batman is still Out of the Shadows from JL 001 Batman. Because of that, if I was going to change this at all, I'd like to see Batman have Side Step as a trait.

My other question has nothing to do with the actual dial, but deals with perplex in general and how I see Batman. I agree that Batman could do things to alter the speed, attack, defense and range of all characters, but would his methods increase the amount of damage dealt by himself or other characters? If Batman (or any other character) can, does it make sense to allow him to do it multiple times? Should perplex in general be limited in the number of times it can be used to modify the same stat on a given character?

I know we have the rule of 3, but does it make sense to perplex up damage by 3 ?

Posted by: superfriend on 8/1/2014 7:10:26 AM
>>I'd say post a pole and let the internet decide what the next one is.

Great idea Bliss. I put a poll up today. You can find the link from the HeroClix World Twitter feed!

Posted by: The Le on 7/26/2014 5:09:48 AM
I also would like to see an Aquaman done justice as I think you've done here with Batman.

Posted by: James on 7/25/2014 4:04:23 PM
Good call bliss!

Posted by: Blitz23 on 7/25/2014 2:52:49 PM
I'd say post a pole and let the internet decide what the next one is.

Posted by: Bliss on 7/25/2014 6:36:26 AM
Awesome! Do one for the king, aquaman!

Posted by: Blitz23 on 7/24/2014 2:22:30 PM
Now that's the HD Batman!

Posted by: DK on 7/24/2014 2:05:52 PM
Like that Batman dial: high AV and DV; a trait that means he can take down anyone, but only that one foe he's investigated; good mobility and some great gadgets. The price is right too at 130, I object toany unpowered hero topping 150 points. Having said that 150 seems almost fairer for this piece. With good keywords to round him out he may even be better than OOTS Batman (my all time favourite).

The only thing I'd tweak is the Smoke Cloud. LEt him use it as a free action when double tokened as Batman should have and use this power but at 130 points he's unlikely to be given an action to do so given his other tricks.

Liking the "Quintessential" series idea. I'm guessing it's replacing "Clix Craves" for already made characters. I'd like to nominate Yellowjacket (aka Hank Pym) He's not had a click since Secret Invasion and the Tiny Size mechanic now exists. Could he get the "Morph: Hank Pym" trait? Maybe two dials a la Typhoid Mary?

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 7/24/2014 7:26:58 AM
I would love to see a quintessential Mar-Vell

Posted by: Andre Gonzalez on 7/24/2014 7:09:19 AM
a clix accurate doomsday
a clix accurate spiderman, super senses on 4-6 he practically coined the power anyways

Um did I say Deadpool

Posted by: kvl on 7/24/2014 4:38:53 AM