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The Quintessential Jimmy Olsen
Eric Schaen & The Le (03/31/2015)
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Goto Comments

The Quintessential Jimmy Olsen HeroClix Dial
Master dial maker Eric Schaen returns with a take on well known comic character we've never seen in HeroClix form... Jimmy Olsen!

You'll notice right away that the Quintessential Jimmy Olsen HeroClix dial has just 3 clicks of life. This is more than appropriate for our favorite newsroom kid since he's ultimately a civilian (a weak one at that). But even at just 26 points, the Quintessential Jimmy Olsen has some interesting tricks up his sleeve, including one click of Perplex and some reporter level Sidestep and Stealth.

Dial by Eric Schaen (Continued Below)...

The Quintessential HeroClix Jimmy Olsen Dial

The real action for the Quintessential Jimmy Olsen lies in his Trait, which lets him use Mastermind on a friendly Superman... of any point value. This is extremely comic accurate -- after all, Jimmy is Superman's pal. Master dial make Eric Schaen also brings in Jimmy's Signal Watch. Although the concept seems ridiculous, it's also extremely comic accurate. 

Jimmy may be a low supporting cast member in the Superman universe, but he's always been an important one, taking the role of Clark's sidekick and Superman's "Damsel in Distress".

What do you think?

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Your Comments:
@That Guy; Definitly.

Posted by: Jic on 8/7/2015 3:24:04 PM
I think there needs to be a quintessiential Ra's al Ghul. In fact he is way overdo for a comic accurate update.

Posted by: That Dude on 4/4/2015 4:48:45 AM
when you consider all the adventures and powers he has had over the years a single figure just doesn't cut it. with his adventures as Turtle boy, Elastic Lad, Flamebird (sidekick to original Nightwing Superman while in Kandor), Human Porcupine, Brainy Olsen, Human Octopus, Speed Demon, 'Mr. Action' and even just occasionally cross-dressing as a woman he pretty much needs his own set.

Posted by: Grim on 4/1/2015 7:30:01 PM
This dial looks like it could work just as well for Lois Lane?

Posted by: Kragnorak on 4/1/2015 10:55:43 AM
Trait: PAL: select a freindly character of 200 points or more to be Jimmy's Pal.

SIGNAL WATCH: When Jimmy Olsen is the target of an attack, you may choose to move the PAL and place them in an adjacent unoccupied square. The selected character gains Defend usable by Jimmy Olsen. If the square selected is between Jimmy and the attacker, the PAL becomes the new target of the attack.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/31/2015 12:15:05 PM
I wonder if the Signal Watch needs to actually call in Superman WHEN Jimmy is attacked.


Posted by: superfriend on 3/31/2015 12:09:25 PM
See I'm glad the designer went with just a standard Jimmy Olsen dial. Sure there could be several different versions of Jimmy representing all those strange phases he went through, but this Jimmy is how Jimmy is mostly represented as a normal human reporter/photographer.

Now what I like about the dial is that he is a cheap perplexer with a power that can pull Superman out of a tight spot, or into a tight spot if Jimmy needs help.

Posted by: Wade on 3/31/2015 11:20:01 AM
Clearly the designer has no understanding of the full history of Jimmy Olsen. "Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen" ran 163 issues, which my current standards is a milestone, and Jimmy bounced around from having numerous personas and powers. Jimmy would be better served using the new convention D20 mechanic to emulate his random powers. Sadly, the designer takes the unimaginative approach to Jimmy and panders to the melodramatic and poor writing that has plagued comic books since the 80's. Hopefully if Wizkids ever makes the character they'll at the least attempt to honor his rich history.

Posted by: DC Fan on 3/31/2015 11:06:22 AM
I like the trait but with just one click of perplex I have to wonder why I would and go out of my way to protect him.

Posted by: MaxVelocity on 3/31/2015 10:36:39 AM