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Hiro Clix: Attack on Titan
Logan Stecher (12/05/2014)
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Goto Comments

Attack on Titan HeroClix Dial hiroClixComing into the scene with his titan-killing blades is Eren Jaeger! Eren’s blades though are not his only weapon as he comes stomping and roaring with anger as Rogue Titan himself! Welcome to this week’s Hiro Clix article where we explore Attack on Titan!

Attack on Titan is a horror/action series in where the human race is on the verge of extinction because of man-eating giants known as titans! The titans, believe it or not, seek only to consume the flesh of man and nothing else. In fact, the titans do not even require to eat anything, they just seek gluttonous pleasure. Man’s main line of defense are 3 great walls that tower over the titans themselves.

Hiro Clix is a series that brings you specific characters from anime shows and puts them in HeroClix form.

Continued below...

Eren Jaeger HeroClix Dial HiroClix

Eren Jaeger wanted revenge against the gigantic monsters for all the murders they’ve caused but his true hatred didn’t come to life until his mother was devoured right in front of his eyes. Since then, Eren vowed to kill every single one in existence until humans could once again wonder the world fearless. Little did he know that he himself would become a titan. This however only provided him enough power to truly fulfill his dreams of crushing the titan monstrosities. 

Need Anime HeroClixEren Jaeger comes in with some slight anger from Charge mixed with focused confidence such as Maneuver Gear and Trained Maneuvers. He can cause great amounts of damage with his titan penetrating swords, Blades/Claws/Fangs and Exploit Weakness, while holding a trick up his sleeve. If this get too rough for Eren, he can titan shift into his more powerful form, Rogue Titan (next page).

Playing with Eren Jaeger: Eren’s greatest attributes are his high speed and high damage potential. What should be focused on is striking first blood on the enemy’s heavy hitter. If possible, take out some of his/her support beforehand. What’ll end up happening is that after their heavy hitter takes damage, he/she will eventually knock Eren down to his Alter Ego power in which case he should titan shift and finish the enemy off.

Playing against Eren Jaeger: Eren may be fast but he still has no range. You’ll need to keep a distance and open fire on him when you can. Your biggest concern with that is that he’ll have the advantage of using his Energy Shield/Deflection... but he also has Combat Reflexes, so you might as well keep your distance and shoot anyways. Just be sure that when you finally dent him, get him past his Alter Ego so he can’t take advantage of shifting.

Warning, the youtube video of Attack on Titan (below) is may not appropriate for kids.

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Your Comments:
i dont understand his revert sp. isnt he usually weak after a transformation? why would he get stronger? also his faster then most makes his def useless to normal guys? really?

Posted by: robin on 12/5/2014 5:24:23 PM
I originally thought the Attack from Above needed something to ignore elevation when charging. Then I saw Bliss's comment and went back to the dial. I think the IM ignore elevated covers both the swing like Spiderman and the need I saw in Attack from Above.

Nicely done. Easy to understand SPs.

Posted by: superfriend on 12/5/2014 8:57:21 AM
the heck how does he not have leap clime they swing from building to build / tree to tree like freaking SPIDERMAN. At the very least he should have a few clix of it to show how they use compress air to get around. Other wise I do think its close to perfect.

Posted by: Bliss on 12/5/2014 6:22:18 AM