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Of Dice and Plastic Men:
X Marks the Spot
Kyle From Kansas (07/18/2011)
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HeroClix Of Mice and Plastic MenKyle from Kansas is a new freelance writer at HeroClix World. Please be advised that this article is considered rated PG, as it's language will not be suitable for children.

The launch of the new Giant Size X-Men set has been a great time of assimilation into the Heroclix club for a new player like myself. After a draft tourney, a sealed tourney, a 1000pt Colossal tournament, and a few home games, I've had some time to play with or against most of the new x-men set. There are a lot of great pieces in this set, and a lot of fun new possibilities; however, being tasked with encapsulating this set into just one take-away, I'd have to say it is this: Professor X is a prick.

I'm not saying Professor X is overpowered or "broken" or undefeatable. If he was I'd probably try and put him on every team I field. Professor X is just frustrating to play with or against because he can't do anything normal.

HeroClix Professor X GsXImaging trying to introduce a new friend to the game. You let them pick out a team from your set and they pick the professor. You will then spend 10 minutes explaining all the special rules that apply only to professor X and his cerebro ability. Then his special Outwit ability allows him to outwit all the standard powers of the same color on a character.

Why is this neccesary? Did someone sit down and think "he's almost worth the 123 points, but normal outwit just isn't cutting it here." 

I don't think so, I think someone said "you know what would be a prick move? if after spending all this time figuring out how cerebro works, if an opponent damages professor X let's give him a crazy version of outwit, so that way the players can spend MORE time figuring out how he even works"

Probability Control (PC) / Enhancement with the professor is another reason he's a prick. A PC/Enhancement ally can hide back with Professor X, far from harms reach. Again, this isn't an impossible or undefeatable strategy just annoying and prickish. These are all things that could come up in a sealed/draft event, without much effort put into team composition. I really look forward to seeing well thought out composed teams of Professor X, PC/Enhancer, and 6 researchers so he can reach anywhere on a map.

And by really look forward I mean anticipate major damage to my liver as I try to drink the memories away.

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Your Comments:
For some reason, this Prof is the only non-SR or LE from Giant Size X-Men that I did not pull..

That said, Professor X is always a prick - that is what he is. This weekend we played Illuminati vs. Cabal in a 700 point match (perfect teams at 696 pts and 700 pts as well). It was a very complicated game, what with all those genius characters running about! I think I had the edge because Namor and The Hood were quite easy to use. But the Professor X from Mutations and Monsters was every bit as prickish, and somehow managed to combine even more damage with Outwit than the GSX version! M&M Chuck can use Cerebro to Perplex up all his friends with the same keyword, so I was lucky that my main squeeze/arch-enemy wasn't using an Illuminati Dr. Strange.

But yeah, Professor X was the last one to be taken out, that arrogant prick!

Posted by: Kragnorak on 7/20/2011 1:59:18 PM
I completely disagree with the part about him being frustrating to play WITH. 1) I think you are overstating how hard his powers are to figure out. Lets be honest, it takes about 30 seconds. 2) He is SO MUCH FUN to play with on your team. Going against him on a themed team, yeah... hes a prick. But its a bald guy in a wheelchair that can read your mind, he probably should be a prick.

Posted by: dshendrick on 7/19/2011 11:56:30 AM
It's only a game, so chill out. Every set is going to have a fig close to what is going on with you again. So sit across the table and enjoy my Power Cosmic Spidey fig. Plus, be alittle more creative and not 100% negative on the figs.

Posted by: Spangdog on 7/19/2011 10:23:35 AM
So what if you were to base a character that shares a keyword with him with one of your pieces to tie up his friendlies can he still draw a line of fire while your piece is based with one of his?

More over, given that he can still draw a line of fire while his friendly is based with one of your pieces would it be best to just base another friendly just to not give him any chances at taking a shot.

Posted by: Ramón on 7/19/2011 2:48:44 AM
all i got ot say is, yes; he is a prick in all its glory. try running against scientist, thats even more fun, with the tie up peice barry allen (dc 75th) and 3 researchers on prof x

Posted by: sparkdemon on 7/18/2011 10:41:48 PM
I couldn't agree more, Kyle from Kansas! Annoying and prickish says it all!

Posted by: Captain AmeriBrad on 7/18/2011 7:12:59 PM
Us Ultimate hulk (scientist keyword) for some possible 6+ damage and scientist and multiple men for the x men TA and maybe cyclops (GSX) to heal up 2 instead of 1 and your pretty set. (you could also add wolverine and nightcrawler) I took out apocalypse and two horsemen this way.

Posted by: videocam123 on 7/18/2011 3:32:50 PM
The way you take him out is to ignore the rest of his team and KO Chucky. HSS works well for this as Chuck only does 2 or 3 of damage. Many players will move every one except Chuck out of the starting area leaving chuck defenseless. Nightcrawlwer works great for this as he does damage and Moves Chuck out of his starting area which takes away In Contact with Cerebo plus doing damage to him Making Professor X to roll a 9 or 10 to hit Nightcrawler. Pushing Night crawler again should make it the the rest of your team is right on top of Chuck and he is gone.

Posted by: Sirchristopher on 7/18/2011 1:38:23 PM
P.s. Black flash is also good for taking out a possible nightcrawler that could be running with professor x or on a team that plays with him cuz he's that good anyways

Posted by: Jeris on 7/18/2011 11:40:01 AM
All I have to say is a good way to annoy professor x and his low point enhance buddies flash. Can u say riiiipppp

Posted by: Jeris on 7/18/2011 11:38:11 AM
High point games, team-up Chuck with Zenhattan to REALLY win some Fellowship points!! ;)

Posted by: Hodak on 7/18/2011 10:16:32 AM
His best friends are Researchers. Notable buddies are SI Mr Fantastic, SI Spider-Man and AA Chang Tzu.
And that's just the scientist keyword....

Posted by: Dairoka on 7/18/2011 9:45:19 AM
He's that messed up...

Posted by: Ramón on 7/17/2011 9:31:09 PM