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Hiro Clix: Sokka
Logan Stecher (03/26/2015)
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Hiro Clix Sokka HeroClix Dial
Welcome Hiro Clixers! In this addition of Hiro Clix we take a look at a fan favorite character from Avatar: The Last Airbender! Make room in your favorite heroclix team for this tactical yet humorous warrior of the Water Tribe.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is an amazing anime series by Nickelodeon which everyone is either a manipulator or bender of one of the 4 original elements (water, fire, earth and air) or is not a bender of anything. The world is divided by the 4 nations by element and is plunged into war by the Fire Nation. The Avatar, a single person who has the ability to manipulate all 4 elements, rises to combat the Fire Lord and bring peace to the world.

Sokka is one of the Avatar’s two best friends who journeys with him on his quest for peace. He is the main comic relief character in the series who holds a dream to be the best warrior and leader of the Southern Water Tribe. What makes him unique is that he can be silly when appropriate to build morale within the team but serious and tactical when he needs to be.

Hiro Clix Sokka HeroClix Dial

Sokka can be easily tempered yet noble which is represented by his opening Charge. In addition to his warrior prowess, he always has his favorite weapon, the Boomerang! This power grants him the ability to bounce off his first target and extend his range to potentially hit an enemy 10 squares away! When things get rough though, he’ll attempt to stump his foes, via Incapacitate, with his confusing shenanigans so that his allies have an easier time winning the fight.

Need Anime HeroClixPlaying with Sokka: Sokka solely fits the role of secondary attacker but that doesn’t make him useless. If you plan on taking advantage of that Charge, be sure to keep either your support or primary attacker with him to back him up. From this, you can take advantage of his Leadership. If things go south for Sokka, slow your enemies with Incapacitate while Perplexing your primary to wipe the floor of your opponents. The best defense is a great offense, right?

Playing against Sokka: Sokka’s best features are in the beginning and end of his dial. He doesn’t have heavy damage reducers so you should aim to deal 3 damage to him in the beginning to get him to click 4, his worst click. After that, ignore him unless he starts to push. After his push to click 5, finish him with another 3 damage.

That is it for this week’s Hiro Clix article! If you want to see more anime clixed characters check out Need Anime Heroclix!

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C'mon! If you're not going to put Space Sword on the dial, we at least need a relic for it.

Posted by: b_squared21 on 3/26/2015 5:12:36 PM
Aww I was hoping to see a "Space Sword" power of some kind. Maybe a one time use option of BCF at range, "So long space sword..."

Posted by: NovaCalico on 3/26/2015 4:02:49 PM