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HeroClix: For Profit
The Le (03/23/2009)
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11) Direct Purchase Special Figures (that aren't lame)
I know we had some exclusive mail purchase figures before, like Sam Wilson or Professor Zoom, but they weren’t really worth it (and don’t get me started on the Tsunami clear Hulk). What we need are some really good figures that makes the player want to own them. The Man of Steel was a very good start that had an MSRP of around $8.00. What if a figure as powerful as the E2 Superman was available directly online for $11.99 (the cost of a booster)? You'd be crazy not to get one!

hl12) HeroClix: Legends
How about some reprints of old figures? Imagine a Marvel Legends set or a DC Legends set that contains "reprints" of original unrestricted figures. Would players pay $12.00 for a booster that could contain KC Superman or Vet Ultimate Hawkeye from previous sets? You darned skippy they would. The nostalgia factor alone would make it very appealing to older players who are still in the game, as well as bring back those who have left. Best of all, the designs, dioals, and molds are already complete, so the profit per booster would be very high!

Well, there you go. Don’t raise the price of the booster, but raise other prices instead. I know that a number of ideas aren’t going to resonate with some of the readers, but remember that HeroClix is a business first, and currently a dead one at that. The game simply must be profitable for its new owners to justify its existence, and I’m hoping that increasing the price of a booster is not the first option.

Special thanks goes out to:

-Jeff at Phantom of the Attic (Comics/Games)
411 South Craig Street, Pittsburgh, PA - (412) 621-1210

-John at JC Comics & Cards
2609 State Rd, Cuyahoga Falls, OH - (330) 929-1929

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Your Comments:
i got a starro in a uk shop for 21.00 pounds and the anti-monitor for a fiver on ebay to be fair i got them this year

Posted by: ikari on 1/11/2010 10:53:14 AM
You know after posting my last comment, I've come to think about a more effective way for Wizkids/NECA to make extra money. They can have a dial and figure repair program that can also print out lost or damaged character cards. This allows for the hardcore collectors or people with OCD to pay a nominal fee to have either a stat dial reprinted, missing or lost character card reprinted and shipped to them or a broken figure remade and shipped. This would be similar to thier exchange program they had many years ago, only now if you want a repaired dial or figure you have to pay $3.99.

I mean who wouldn't want to replace their broken KC Green Lanterns sword, broken KC Magog staff, black creep on their CT Nightcrawler unique, or have a lost/missing Guy Gardner card reprinted to go along with the figure. I think printing official replacement dial stickers and character cards would cost Wizkids/NECA very little and perhaps translate into more revenue and satisfied heroclix collectors.

Posted by: BigBlueBeast1982 on 12/25/2009 5:24:06 AM
I like the heroclix legends idea particularly. Reprinting some older figures would allow for a newer, clearer, and creep free dial of some of our older figures. This could translate into collectors using these boosters as a sort of repair kit to fix older figures and their tainted dials or parts. I know my KC Superman from Unleashed needs a new dial as you can see the red from his dial creeping behind his stat sticker and it drives me nuts........

Posted by: BigBlueBeast1982 on 12/25/2009 5:10:34 AM