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HeroClix Podcast: Starting Over
Edward Shelton (05/01/2012)
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HeroClix Podcast: Starting Over (Retirement)06-18-2012: Edward Shelton is a master of HeroClix and Podcasts. This is the second of many "Starting Over" HeroClix Podcasts by Edward. Best of all, these are short podcasts that you can finish in just a few minutes.

Today's topic is WEB OF SPIDERMAN retirement and the changes that will come with SUPPORT. Oh, and goodbye filthy vermin known as Nightcrawler and the Cosmic Spiderman!


HeroClix Just Click Play

Edward Shelton has longer HeroClix podcasts available at!

HeroClix Dial Gleek

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Your Comments:

Thanks for listening. You can contact me at I just got it working like 2 weeks ago. I'm slow on a lot of stuff. If you have any questions or show ideas let me know and I will work on it.

Posted by: Edward aka Darklogos on 6/22/2012 10:17:55 PM
Hey darklogos, I seek some advice on an upcoming tournament I have here in a few weeks. I've recently got back into heroclix in the past year and well the gameplay has completely changed hahahaha so I've been listening to your podcast and well you've opened my eyes and opened a doorway for me to look at the game in another light so thank you for that. How would I contact you?

Posted by: Foxoptimized on 6/22/2012 2:05:40 PM

That is how the formation should look like.

Posted by: Edward aka Darklogos on 6/18/2012 9:22:06 AM
Thanks for feedback. Originally the goal was to be more a "Rant" as say in the beginning. The other thing is that TheLe wanted something shorter and original for the site. So that is where the mini-cast is focused. I will consider somethings said in the future.

As for Betaray Bill being shutdown by outwit that is possible. But you have draw line of site to him first. If you pack 3 stealthers with him you should end up with a formation like so...


This 3 point wall blocks line of fire to Bill meaning your opponent hast to full on flank you to get that outwit in. This means that you can kill the outwiter your next turn because they are really exposed. If you break formation then yeah you are going to get outwitted.

Posted by: Edward aka Darklogos on 6/18/2012 9:21:06 AM
I have to say... you didn't really say anything that wasn't obvious from reading the card. I thought you were going to give some kind of strategy for using him with someone else but all you did is complain and then it was over.

Posted by: El Bastardo on 5/4/2012 9:26:54 PM
I understand the potential concern of SP abuse with Beta Ray Bill in this podcast but that power isn't immune to outwit so as long as you have a couple of outwitters on your team with LOF to BRB then the moving stealth cover tactic can still be overcome quite easily. Also teams with ground based HSS and Pulse Wave can also counter the stealth cloud tactic. It isn't as game breaking as most players make it out to be.

Posted by: phep on 5/3/2012 8:22:48 PM
Great job clear clean to the point . Left me waiting for more . I'd love to see a quick two min podcast on each fig pointing out special powers and what their strong points and weak points are . Can't wait for more .

Posted by: Avarice Heroclix on 5/1/2012 5:32:13 PM