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Hiro Clix: Attack on Titan
Logan Stecher (12/05/2014)
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Goto Comments

Rogue Titan, who is really titan shifter Eren Jaeger, is still fully dedicated to destroying all evil titans from the world. Rouge titan has proven time and time again that he has strength, intelligence and willpower far greater than any average titan. He has taken down and killed many titans until he met his match against the unique giant known as Female Titan.

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continued below...

Rogue Titan Attack on Titan HeroClix Dial hiroClix

Rogue Titan immediately brings out his brutish fury with Charge and Flurry themselves in his beginning dial all while pummeling his foes with Super Strength. He has a high defense with a natural 18 plus his special, Faster Than Most, power bringing him to a 20. He has no worries about getting hurt though since he has amazing damage reducers plus his healing trait, Titan Regeneration.

Playing with Rogue Titan: Rogue Titan should not be fearing combat with his amazing defenses plus trait coursing through his dial. As his dial, and character, implies he should Charge right in and hit em’ where it hurts. Remember though, just because he has Battle Fury doesn’t mean he cannot carry someone; have him bring a secondary attacker or supporter so he is not alone against the enemy.

Playing against Rogue Titan: Rogue Titan is a powerhouse but like all powerhouses they can be shut down quick with Outwit. Additionally, he is pretty slow making him vulnerable to ranged attacks since he has no range himself. This movement is especially a problem if he chooses to carry a buddy.

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Your Comments:
i dont understand his revert sp. isnt he usually weak after a transformation? why would he get stronger? also his faster then most makes his def useless to normal guys? really?

Posted by: robin on 12/5/2014 5:24:23 PM
I originally thought the Attack from Above needed something to ignore elevation when charging. Then I saw Bliss's comment and went back to the dial. I think the IM ignore elevated covers both the swing like Spiderman and the need I saw in Attack from Above.

Nicely done. Easy to understand SPs.

Posted by: superfriend on 12/5/2014 8:57:21 AM
the heck how does he not have leap clime they swing from building to build / tree to tree like freaking SPIDERMAN. At the very least he should have a few clix of it to show how they use compress air to get around. Other wise I do think its close to perfect.

Posted by: Bliss on 12/5/2014 6:22:18 AM