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Clix Craves: Teen Titans Go!
The Le (04/27/2015)
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Ah, Beast Boy. The show just wouldn't be the same without him. He's only got 2 clicks of Blades/Claws/Fangs, but he can morph into other beast boys. He's got some good synergy with Cyborg and can use Super Senses or Shape Change -- possibly the funniest line he's ever had.

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Continued Below...

Teen Titans Go HeroClix: Beast Boy Waffles Waffles Waffles

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Your Comments:

Even Hal Jordan's avatar agrees with me!
Sometimes life IS like a box of chocolates! :)

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 5/11/2015 8:57:30 AM
@MantisWarrior: Avengers with *Lanterns just seems sooo.... wrong.

Posted by: MEsch on 5/7/2015 8:37:23 AM
Ha ha! Perhaps I should have said "comic accurate and not game breaking" power!
Getting a bit bored of playing against Avengers with lanterns!

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 5/1/2015 11:41:01 PM
@MantisWarrior: "One moment of blinding genius is your idea to just add a power to [someone]... rather than a whole new start line... If it's already been done in clix I haven't seen it."

I think they just call those "Resources" ;D

Posted by: ChippyYYZ on 4/30/2015 9:15:39 PM
Only crazy stupid dials go to a series from a crazy stupid show which, in my opinion, is the best DC Show I've seen since the first Justice League on Cartoon Network. Two things, though....

1. Jinx's opposites should be like Outback Hulk's 'you have to roll doubles to damage him' power.

2. Teen Titans Go Base. Only fig that fits is Robin. Trait involving gnomes. FUNNIST. MOE MANT. EVAH!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Kuribo on 4/29/2015 3:04:42 PM
@Le: ah I stay corrected I didn't see that part.

Posted by: The 1 and only DEADPOOL on 4/29/2015 11:42:07 AM
The 1 an only DEADPOOL: Please take a closer look at Robin's Leadership Special Power -- it doesn't matter what his point cost is, he can still use it on other Teen Titans Go members.

Posted by: The Le on 4/29/2015 6:13:02 AM
Ok I know these are just for kicks and giggles. Butbi gotta say it. Why is Robin really low in points? Kinda makes his leadership power to the other titans pointless right?

Posted by: The 1 an only DEADPOOL on 4/28/2015 8:52:04 PM
R.E. Girls, Girls, Girls
I must confess to not really paying much attention to the dials just chuckling along to those excellent special powers!

One moment of blinding genius is your idea to just add a power to Raven for the 220 points rather than a whole new start line The Le. Imagine that on a Red Skull to give him the cosmic cube, or a Thunderstrike to give him the actual Mjolnir (just the first two examples that popped into my head, been reading classic Avengers lately). If it's already been done in clix I haven't seen it.

Also thanks for adding the vids The Le, a really nice touch (although several aren't allowed in my country! Stupid You tube!)

Can't wait to see what's next in TTGo! week.

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 4/28/2015 12:16:09 PM
On the Beast Boy, I kind of wish he had a little leap/climb in the front of the dial, so you can easily get into position, and then use the morph trait.

Posted by: Gilly25 on 4/28/2015 6:14:13 AM
R.E. Boys, Boys, Boys
Very silly dials, which is appropriate in this case!
Re-jig beast boy so he costs 60 points like all his morphing options and I'm in! BB is my fave clix ever as that morph power is the perfect example of mechanics meets comic accuracy.

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 4/27/2015 9:17:53 AM