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Awesome Clix: Mr. Fantastic
The Le (10/15/2015)
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Awesome Clix: Mr Fantastic
Today on Awesome Clix, we'll look at an Mr Fantastic from the Chaos War set. At 90 points, he's a really good tie-up piece that can hose your opponents in different ways!

Awesome Clix is a series that discusses Golden Age HeroClix figures that are still competitive in today's Modern Age.

To be fair, 90 points is awfully high for Tie-Up piece, but Mr. Fantastic has some good lasting power with 2 clicks of Super Senses but no obvious offensive abilities.

Continued Below

Awesome Clix: Mr Fantastic

The Quintessential Invisbile Woman HeroClixWith 4 clicks of Plasticity, he can keep even a 200 point Hulk figure busy while the rest of your team gets into position. If you can get him into his 2-6 clicks of life, Mr Fantastic becomes a potent attacker. Sure, he only has 1-2 damage, but by this point his Special Ability gives him Outwit and can give him the ability to deal Penetrating damage!

Two damage doesn't sound like much, but once you Outwit an opposing Impervious, that 2 damage is going to make a huge difference!

Of course, Mr Fantastic's biggest downfall is the lack of Damage Reduction, but that's okey because the Future Foundation helps with that problem.

Recommended Teammate (continued below)

Invisible Woman HeroClix

The other cool ability is his Future Foundation ability, which is way cooler than the original ability. Since most characters are dealing 2+ damage these days, this new ability will spite them every time they attack. Best of all, it impacts all teams, giving you lots of different options (at least in Golden Age).

With these things in mind, Mr Fantastic makes an excellent figure any point game (even 300). He's good solo or in a team.

Congrats Mr Fantastic, you're this week's Awesome Clix!

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Your Comments:
Not my favourite Mr F. The SI starter set one for 10 points more wins the prize for me. The opening defences on this one make me too scared that he'll KO in seconds.

We soooooooo badly need new FF pieces and due to licencing stuff (allegedly) are sooooo unlikely to ever see them. Boooo.

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 10/23/2015 7:32:52 AM
That Future Foundation can be pretty wicked. Thing can even pull it off well with Toughness and Invulnerability considering today's high damage figures. The TA is probably nearly 100% better than the standard 4 TA.

The Foundation is almost useless against YuGiOh, Bioshock and some LOTR teams though since damage reducers will prevent the effects.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 10/15/2015 8:22:06 AM