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Hiro Clix: Soul Eater
Logan Stetcher (11/01/2015)
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Goto Comments

Lady Arachne Cover
Lady Arachne, the oldest of the Gorgon sisters, seeks power so that she can over-throw Death and rule over the land in her own image. She created her own organization known as Arachnophobia. She has attempted to use her magic and charm to manipulate kishin, or demons, to achieve her goals.

Lady Arachne Soul Eater

Lady Arachne may have slow speed but she is rocking a lot of potential with various powers. Mid dial she gains even higher damage with a very good defense. Her greatest asset is her range and ability to exploit opposing characters Stealth to the rest of her team.

Playing with Lady Arachne: Lady Arachne can be a team player but she’ll need to be transported into battle. Lucky for her transporter, she’ll provide them with her defense via Defend. While on her first click, Outwit an opposing characters Stealth so her allies can finish them off with ranged attacks. During her later game, she should utilize her empower while making attempts at mind controlling her foes.

Playing against Lady Arachne: Although she holds 4 damage mid dial, Lady Arachne’s best qualities come from the beginning and end of her dial via her powers. The best way to beat her will be to knock her down to her  3rd click where she only has Empower and Energy Shield/Deflection. KO her allies after that, then take her out towards the end unless you can hit her with a heavy object that’ll deal at least a total of 4 damage, resulting in her demise.

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Your Comments:
While these are cool, I was kinda hoping to see some main characters like Maka, Death the kid and Black Star.

Posted by: Arcane-secret on 11/30/2015 6:50:28 AM
Hate to say this, but if your doing monsters I expect you to Venom at the least.

Posted by: Jic on 11/5/2015 5:16:44 PM