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Review: Crisis Nightwing
Don't Hate Me...
The Le (06/21/2009)
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hulkRecommended Feats:

  • Heightened Reflexes (10 pts): Since Stealth protects you from most ranged attackers, this feat will give you a Super Senses roll against your main weakness – charge and other similar move+attack close attacks. If he can survive the first charge, he can use Leap/Climb (he has a full dial of it remember) to move somewhere else. This feat also kicks in when hit by Ultimate Thor's Running Shot!
  • Nanoarmor (6 pts): Similar to Heightened Reflexes, this is a godsend against opponents who get close with an object.
  • Damage Shield (10 pts): Similar to Heightened Reflexex and Nanoarmor, this is a great way to deal with people who get close to you. Unfortunately it won’t do much against opponents with damage reduction (and there is a lot of it going around).
  • Nanobots (10 pts): Use Leap/Climb to run away and heal heal heal! Remember: you can use this multiple times per turn.
  • Vault (3 pts): Useful to put yourself in a better position without moving, and it’s dirt cheap.
  • Loner (5 pts): I don’t recommend playing Nightwing without fellow keyword/TA allies, but he’s certainly a very dynamic utility piece, so Loner could be useful on non-theme teams.
  • Haymaker (10 pts): I don’t completely recommend this, but it would be nice to bump Nightwing up with +2 damage (and an additional +1 with Perplex). Watch out for that -1 attack penalty and mandatory push damage!
  • Pounce (15 pts): Like Haymaker, this feat will help turn Nightwing into a secondary attacker (so use it at your own risk), but it can be a quick way to push him into his Perplex powers.
  • Double Time (5 pts): A perfect way to push Nightwing into his Perplex clicks and move him into perfect position… on the first turn. Combined with a full dial of Leap / Climb, this feat lets Nightwing run anywhere he wants, even into the arms of medic that's half a map away!
  • Brilliant Tactician (20 pts): ‘Nuff said.
  • Coordination (6 pts): Special thanks to Quebbster for this recommendation: "For those three first clicks he has three different team symbols, and ignores all three for line of fire purposes... and his Batman TA keeps him relatively safe from repercussions."

I wouldn’t use Contingency, Takedown, or Stunning Blow. His first click is the only one with Leadership/Incapacitate, so it can be very dangerous to assign feats that will only work on the first click (please use caution). Then again, Combat Reflexes and Energy Shield / Deflection gives him an effective 19 defense, so maybe he’ll never get knocked off that first click!

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Your Comments:
On his own, I believe he's very poor. He really can't do that much damage. With In Contact w/Oracle, though, he becomes extremely lethal!

Posted by: Owlman166 on 10/26/2010 2:48:42 PM
I totally agree with this! I think the Crisis Nightwing is an awesome piece. especially for only 79 points. I also like the Crisis Robin.

Posted by: geminimerc on 2/23/2010 12:51:48 AM