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Pow! Turbo
The Le (07/08/2015)
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Pow! Turbo HeroClix Strategy
Avengers Assemble Turbo #009 (Cover image found on pinterest)

Usage / Summary
She may look harmless, but for the cost she's an excellent tie-up piece that most adversaries will make the mistake of ignoring (until it's too late).

She has excellent mobility with Sidestep and the ability to Carry teammates. She starts and an excellent [17] defense with Super Senses late in the dial.

Continued below...

HeroClix Turbo Avengers assemble Dial

Key Feature

She can get into the action quickly with Flight. But more importantly she's a transporter, which gives her the Move and Attack ability. Even though it drops her attack value to 8, it gives her some mobility and lets her get in and potentially hit for 3 damage on a good roll. Most importantly though, she's a 50-point tie up figure with enough defense to keep the Hulk or Thanos tied up while your other figures get into position.

Toughness is okey, and her damage value falters pretty quickly. As I mentioned, that Move and Attack ability reduces her attack value by 2, so she could have hard time hitting anyone with an [18] defense... but as I mentioned, she's really not designed for that. She's made to get in and delay the enemy while your other forces get in position.

Theme / Keywords
That's a whole lot of keywords she has. The Armor keyword is probably the most important, which let's her team up with plenty of Iron Man figures like the Hulkbuster -- or even the half dozen or so figures from the Guardians of the Galaxy set.

At 50 points she is all sorts of awesome. Seriously, she's  perfect tie up piece at 50 (and a nice tertiary attacker), not to mention she's a great Taxi.

She's great for carrying characters around the board, even tentpole pieces. She'd fit into pretty much ANY team you can think of. For advanced players you can have her protect your ranged attackers -- her Trait lets her use Force Blast to send back any opponents! The easiest choice for your team would be Iron Man -- there's lots of Iron Man figures to choose from...

Continued below...

Iron Man HeroClix

On a 300 Point Team
Simply awesome. 50 points to tie anyone down with just enough punch to get one or two hits in.

On a  400+ Point Team
She can get KO'ed easily in high point games, but at 50 points who cares? She should be on all your modern age teams to tie up those big figures.

Edit: Roy Raymond Jr is recommended by MantisWarrior (continued below...)

Roy Raymond Jr

Final Rating:  A+

An excellent 50 point tie-up figure with mobility and the ability to taxi allies. She can easily fit on any team and be used by beginners and veterans alike.

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Your Comments:
please put that figure on your team. i appreciate the points

Posted by: LOL on 7/9/2015 10:02:43 AM
Yeah that's some amazing synergy

Posted by: UhhitsJon on 7/8/2015 10:43:07 PM
Why not out her on a Reporter team with Roy Raymond Jr from the Batman set. His Outsiders TA will negate the -2 and you can have a lot of fun with that force blast before sidestepping in or away to suit.

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 7/8/2015 8:10:42 AM