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Awesome Clix: Rip Hunter
The Le (11/03/2015)
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HeroClix RIP News
DC Crisis was one of the best DC HeroClix sets that ever saw the light of day. Sure, we got the crappy World's Finest figure (see Worst Clix Ever: World's Finest), but we also got the very awesome Rip Hunter!

Awesome Clix is a HeroClix series that discusses Golden Age figures that are useful in Modern Age Games.

Awesome Clix: Rip Hunter

Just look at all that... awesomeness! A full dial of Phasing/Teleport to get into position and the Hypertime ability coupled with Super Senses! That'll help keep him alive even though he has no damage reducers... and even that lame [16] defense eventually pops up to [18] at the end of the dial!

Right: Discounted HeroClix!

Perplex, Probability Control, and Outwit makes Rip a formidable utility piece (for just 97 points)... but the real beauty of this figure is Time Master Special Power. That thing literally makes Rip and adjacent allies immune to outwit!

Best use for Rip? Just carry him around with your 200 point tentpole to gain outwith immunity. Who cares if they target Rip -- he's got Probability Control and Super Senses!

Congrats Rip Hunter, you're this week's Awesome Clix!

How would you use Rip Hunter?

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Your Comments:
interesting character, one that is perhaps overdue for an update.

Posted by: Grim on 11/22/2015 8:13:41 PM
Do you think you'll do the 12 clix of Christmas this year? That was always AWESOME!

Posted by: Prince of Orphans on 11/10/2015 4:41:17 AM
It didn't exist at the time but he could have used the Indomitable or even Quintessence so he could keep moving continually! He was great but needs a little more in this (or any) day and age at those points we can't just leave him on his own!

Posted by: DavidRiches on 11/5/2015 12:55:49 PM
Pretty cool! Hope he makes it into my collection someday!! :D

Posted by: Jaydog on 11/4/2015 9:03:46 PM
What a great support piece

Posted by: Warborg on 11/4/2015 4:43:30 PM
Many years ago, he was in a giant sized comicbook that my brother and I got. Later, he was in a Showcase with Deadman, The Challengers of the Unknown and Swamp Thing. It's good to see old friends.

Posted by: Joe Decker on 11/3/2015 7:54:39 PM
I have no idea. I'm still new to the game but he looks awesome.

Posted by: Matt on 11/3/2015 6:09:49 PM
I've used him many times with a scientist theme team = very good piece for the awesomeness you get,just phase out and be the time master ??

Posted by: Justin on 11/3/2015 2:53:05 PM
Better then Thor's Mighty Chariot @ 500 points ...

Posted by: GuiMaron on 11/3/2015 2:40:40 PM
I would use Rip Hunter to locate unwanted holes or tears in the garments I am wearing.

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 11/3/2015 12:16:39 PM
Great little harassment fig.makes me miss shades and wraiths from mageknight

Posted by: jack barber on 11/3/2015 10:10:05 AM
Rip Hunter is a great support piece or secondary attacker on any team.

Posted by: UrMom on 11/3/2015 9:50:54 AM
One of the best tie up pieces in game!

Posted by: DJ on 11/3/2015 7:09:00 AM
I would use him as support figure in any team! Even attacking he's is not bad! Indeed he's is fantastic! Awesome article! We think that old figures are bad, but you have showed us otherwise!

Posted by: Nabucodonosor on 11/3/2015 7:01:03 AM
Full phasing and teleport would be very fun. Hard to hit. Top it off with some prob and we've got a solid low pointer

Posted by: SevenHunter on 11/2/2015 9:17:41 PM