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Pow! Wonder Woman
Jason "Puuka" Statham (06/02/2015)
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Pow! Wonder Woman HeroClix Strategy

Wonder Woman 002 DC 10th Anniversary

Usage / Summary:
Wonder Woman is a common figure from the DC10th Anniversary set is a close combat beast. Flight, with Charge, Super Strength and a high natural damage value make her a get-in-your-face brick. As with other figures from the 10th Anniversary set, she is based on an older version of her figure, updated with the Battlefield Promotion mechanic.

Pros: This figure is a simple close combat piece. Charge with flight and Close Combat Expert let her grab an object and fly in to deal 4-6 damage. Her 10 attack is moderate in today's game and she starts with Impervious... but for 84 points, she can get in there and do what she needs to do.

HeroClix Wonder Woman Dial

Key Feature: This is a simple figure. She's made to get in there and deal damage. If you play her right, she can be used to tie up your opponents primary attacker or ranged combat threat.

Cons: As would be expected with a figure based on another figure in an older set, her numbers are a little on the low side except her damage.

Trinity War Fast ForcesTheme / Keywords: Amazon and Justice League International are her non-generic keywords. Most Amazons to be found in modern age are either going to be SR/Chase/LE Wonder Woman figures or Tab-App figures. There is also the Invisible Jet and the Superwoman from the CSA in Trinity War. If you go with Justice League International, you have a variety of choices peppered throughout sets between the DC10th Anniversary and now (except for Trinity War)

Cost:  At 84 points, she is very much a secondary attacker with lots of room for a figure she can support.

Teammates: Invisible Jet is a natural choice for her. Elongated Man can use Outwit then Perplex later in the dial. The Ray can give her Stealth when adjacent. Blue Beetle has Perplex and can knock-back characters which can possibly get Wonder Woman out of harms way after she's attacked someone.

On a 300 Point Team: At only 84 points, she's not the focus of the team, but does add value in making your opponent split the focus of who to attack.

Heroclix invisible JetRelated: Invisible Jet HeroClix

On a  400+ Point Team:
84 points gives you a lot of room to build a force with. A high point primary attacker backed up with Wonder Woman can make short work of your opponents main threats. 

Final Rating:  B-

For the same points, there are a lot of good figures, but if your looking for something that's a common modern age figure of this character, she's one of your few choices.

Jason "Puuka" Statham is a freelance writer and avid HeroClix gamer. He also runs the ShaggyPuuka Etsy shop that features HeroClix Dice Bags and Dice Trays! 

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Your Comments:
I've had a lot of luck with 'Discount Diana' here. She usually punches above her weight and fills the "Charge and Super-Strength Brick" category neatly and cheaply (I never leave home without a 'Brick' as on the right map they own ranged combat opponents).

Don't forget the 10 speed taxi-factor on this fig either. Combined with the JLA TA moving her, an object and an ally won't cost you an action for the turn!

The only real con is the lack of other 'Justice Leaguey' keywords for me. I'd like to use her as filler on any big JL build.

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 6/4/2015 4:28:22 AM