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Giant Size X-Men Poster Images
The Le (02/02/2011)
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The local store, JC COMICS & CARDS (Cuyahoga Falls OH) go the Giant Size X-Men poster in, and sent it over to me to scan... for all of you. Make sure you check out the poster from your own local store! Let's get to it!

Giant Size X-Men Spoilers

Giant Size X-Men Spoilers

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Your Comments:
Just found out these were out and they look awesome.....
Special the Rare ones in this set along with the Sentinels.

If any of you want to sell doubles please contact me and send a pic so we can come to a deal

Posted by: FrankoB on 6/6/2011 6:29:37 PM
Finally a Juggernaut dial that does the man some justice.. Still, I was really hoping for a new Gladiator/Kallark fig. with a an even higher point value/better dial

Posted by: Steve on 3/22/2011 7:23:55 PM
Finally got mine and my little brothers white lantern sinestros in the mail today, kinda sucked we got the exact same brick though I was pissed but this piece is phenomenal it is on PAR with Supernova's Thanos my previous fav piece if not better and for less points gotta say I'm impressed, yea this set looks good on paper hopefully the sculpts will be somewhat tolerable hoping I get onslaught mwhhaaha

Posted by: 777 on 3/7/2011 11:48:19 AM
Looks like we ara having the horsemen back, starting with wolvie, hulk and archangel...mmm maybe well see polaris or sunfire, I don´t know but I want wolverine as death first

Posted by: Fenrir the god wolf on 3/1/2011 2:46:50 PM
@blaiser: cable and deadpool?!!! Please don't be pulling my chain that'd be sooooo awesome

Posted by: 198 on 2/19/2011 9:10:48 PM
I was hoping to see the New Mutants in their graduation costumes. It would be nice to have a Sunspot and Magik that looked decent. At least we get an original Angel and a Beast that could be an Avenger.

Posted by: ScrollMasterRob on 2/18/2011 1:53:12 AM
@Jaybro904 - The Wolverine/Colossus piece was originally going to be in one of the giant packs as part of a team of X-men, all duos. One of the other duos has been revealed to be Deadpool/Cable. They weren't originally in the base set, that's why they're not on the poster, but they were indeed moved out into the regular set and are now thought to be super rares.

Posted by: Blaiser on 2/17/2011 7:27:46 PM
Has anyone heard anything about the wolverine/colossus piece? Ive been looking and cant find anything on it. It could be a chase piece.

Posted by: Jaybro904 on 2/16/2011 2:06:47 AM
I think the sculpts problem is a little like looking at the picture of the cheeseburger at McDonald's and comparing it with the actual cheeseburger. The reality is that a high quality sculpt would cost (and be worth) a lot more money. I'm frankly amazed that some of the figures look as good as they do, though I'm not crazy about some of the production changes over time (for example, the black bases that all figures now have look worse, in my opinion, than older figures whose feet are attached to the base directly). I wonder if Marvel has suffered in the sculpts department (I agree with that, though I thought SI was worse than M & M) because there are simply more Marvel sets? More production means fewer resources devoted to each set, maybe? I actually think these sculpts look pretty good.

Posted by: dittobeetle on 2/14/2011 1:14:08 PM
*ugh gold*

Posted by: marcus on 2/11/2011 8:47:39 AM
*i meant white and gild lol*

Posted by: marcus on 2/11/2011 8:46:46 AM
i agree with you about the lack of new x-men... with the exception of elixer who only found his way into the set because of his affiliation with x-force, with that said i think he should b in black and gray not white and silver!

Posted by: marcus on 2/11/2011 3:45:37 AM
This set is seriously lacking some of the new X-Men like Pixie and Hellion.

Posted by: Matt on 2/10/2011 1:00:32 PM
I agree that it is false advertising using the digital image on the card and getting a weaker version in the sculpt. I do not however think these are the worst sculpts ever. They are way better and more creative than the older sets. I do feel like the Monsters and Mutation set had some really bad ugly sculpts. The Cyclops in the original outfit is the worst ever!!! Marvel gets screwed in general on the sculpts. DC sets have better looking figs. Lets hope this new set is better.

Posted by: Fife Dog on 2/9/2011 5:46:04 PM
Is Gerald and myself the only people that find it cheating that they use digitally drawn images in these pictures? and when you go to their website and look at the actual sculpts next to the card image why does no one seem to be angry with the fact the paint jobs and sculpts are the worst there have ever been?

these are digital images... isn't that false advertising?

I'm going mad that only myself and gerald have mentioned it!!!!!!!

Posted by: adam on 2/7/2011 3:18:29 AM
@ CallMeMOTO - Yep!! You´re right, there are pending figures!!! Hopefuly there will be a sorprise!!! I can´t wait to see all the dials values and all the figures!!! What a shame that we can´t count on the main website´s galley as before, they don´t even have Watchmen set or DC 75th anniversary set yet, so... they won´t have GsX ready either. Main website sucks!!! Anyway, I´m sure this one will be great!

Posted by: JasonCR on 2/6/2011 1:29:10 PM
Take a look at the actual figures from the heroclix website as they are standing next to their respective cards. The actual sculpts look absolutely awful! I don't know if it is the cheap rubber-like plastic that they use, or the new 3D rendering process, but the figures look good in 3D, then the actual sculpts look like melted and deformed wax. It this level of poor quality, I can't seriously justify spending any money on these boosters. Here is hoping the actual LE/Chase and big sculpts look better, otherwise, count me out.

Posted by: Gerald on 2/5/2011 8:15:15 PM
theres still too much left UNrevealed from this set to judge what they've left out, not only do we not know what the LE's are but we have no idea what the chase pieces will be either...

Posted by: marcus on 2/4/2011 3:05:13 PM
@JasonCR: Consider that we have yet to see LE figures, so Shadowcat, Gambit, etc. could be in the OP kit. Also, someone at my regular game brought up that the Cannonball Special figure we have seen promo art for could be a Colossus piece that just happens to have Wolverine on it (a la DC 75 Bane) or a battlefield condition similar to the Crisis on Infinite Earth's (Death of Supergirl) dial.

Either way those go I think I will be happy.

Posted by: CallMeMOTO on 2/4/2011 2:57:27 PM
Wow Professor X has an arrangement of buttons on his chair

Posted by: Lord Logan on 2/4/2011 1:53:29 PM
I can't believe everyone does not love bobblehead Wolverine

Posted by: nighthawk on 2/4/2011 12:00:21 PM
i believe they are the horsemen of apocalypse versions of wolves and hulk

Posted by: ballafire300 on 2/4/2011 11:35:12 AM
hulk and wolverine are the horseman of apocalypse personas

Posted by: marcus on 2/4/2011 11:32:02 AM
but just because they aint pictured on them doesnt matter think about it how many sets have changed before they came out fully even after pictures where showed.... i am stile wondering what wolverine (#52) and hulk (#51) those are...

Posted by: krisd34 on 2/4/2011 11:17:40 AM
Cant say I am real excited about this set. Some of the figs are cool and i am glad the brotherhood is getting a playable makeover (I want toad in the set!) scultps look good especially magneto.

Posted by: inspired stranger on 2/4/2011 9:34:12 AM
Wonder if the Archangel will have the X-Force keyword. A few more of them to round out a larger point X-Force team would be nice.

Posted by: Javasquirrel on 2/4/2011 9:23:53 AM
@fortieriii: They are not. The new "oreo" base has multiple distinct layers, much like an oreo. The images here do not.

Posted by: The Le on 2/4/2011 8:03:18 AM
Anyone else notice they are all on the new style base?

Posted by: fortieriii on 2/4/2011 7:04:37 AM
Maybe this is the first time I post more than one comment in a topic, but as I had mentioned previously, I'm a X-Men fan!!! I can´t stop giving my opinion on this set!
- First of all as I said days ago, I`m kind of sad, becuase I was expecting to see Jubilee figure, at least vampire, but Jubes in the game again! (and by the way Tabatha Smith´s figure pose would have been perfect for her, she is even chewing gum!!!)
- Second, there is something that makes me feel like...hey!! there´s something missing...there is a Lockheed, but we don´t have Shadowcat on the set???!!!
- Third, agree with Dairoka, Wolvie´s head is so big!!!
- Fourth, no Gambit???!!! and he does appear in in the art on one of the boosters!
- Fifth, neither Havok, nor Polaris, nor Random!!!

Posted by: JasonCR on 2/3/2011 9:24:39 PM
@ clixkid - Duo characters are not included on this poster! But don´t worry, there will be a Wolverine and Colossus figure!!! :)

Posted by: JasonCR on 2/3/2011 9:05:48 PM
Did i miss something, or is there no fig of Collosus throwing wolvering like they showed in the first ever preview?!

Posted by: clixkid on 2/3/2011 6:51:30 PM
Nice looking set so far. I am still upset we get no new Cable or Havok. We finally get a decent Cyclops and we get a Vulcan. Nice touch I was not expecting that. So why not complete the Summers family and give us a new Havok and a Cable. And yeah a new Corsair would have been very cool as well.

And I have to say I am not even a huge mutant fan. But when you think mutants and the X-men to me the Summers family comes up. So why not complete the family.

Is it me or does Wolverine and Sabertooth look like they are in the same pose as they were from the very first Marvel Set Infinity Challenge?

Posted by: SeekerMuadib on 2/3/2011 9:12:59 AM
They look great but and I mean but with such nice designs I expect more breakage and based on broken unit response from 75th, which was to be covered, I do not what to expect. I say this here because of the zero response on the wizkid sight on this subject. I can not wait to see the powers of white phoenix.

Posted by: scourge101 on 2/3/2011 8:36:13 AM
Is it me or does the computer-generated-representation of the Wolverine figure look like it has a HUGE head? Is that a trait?

Posted by: Dairoka on 2/3/2011 8:35:40 AM
@JasonCR - I have looked at the beast and other photos on the main heroclix website and do not think that the actual photos of the sculpts is anywhere near the standard of the graphical representations... that is almost false advertisement...

the detail and paint jobs of the actual photos are awful... why not use these for the poster? give a true representation... or send them out unpainted so i can do a better job that does not cause a loss of detail

Posted by: adam on 2/3/2011 8:09:35 AM
Awesome hi-res pics!!! Gives you alot better idea of what the set looks like at least on paper. Looks like a pretty interesting set but really three identical sculpts for three characters portrayed by a single person? I think that's a little overboard but that's just my .02.

Posted by: rwint1968 on 2/3/2011 7:19:55 AM
@adam - If you take a look in the main heroclix website to the spoilers they have been posting, you can see there that the graphics on the card (the same graphics on this poster) look different than the pictures next to it. I would say those are photos of the figures! because they look so different when you compare them; at least Beast does!!! Nothing to do with the graphic on the card. Maybe those pics there can give you an idea on this. ;)

Posted by: JasonCR on 2/3/2011 7:07:59 AM
@lanator... I understand what you say but the sculpts and paint jobs of the DC75th set in comparison to the digital artwork versions during the promotional time was unrealistic and dissapointing!

they look good but i'm not sure i want to spend the money if i don't get to see actual sculpts before hand!

Posted by: adam on 2/3/2011 3:05:28 AM
@ adam - If they are just images and not the actual sculpts, then the proper post should have been... Awesome graphics ;-)
Try not to get to worked up, Blackest Night and Brightest day set turned out great! Eventually they will look very close to what's being shown. With the translucent plastic on some sculpts, it's looking very impressive. I'm excited!

Posted by: Ianator on 2/2/2011 6:10:44 PM
it's 1am here in the uk and i look at these images and get upset by the fact that they do not acurately dipict the sculpts because these images are graphics, they are not photos of the finished product like in previous posters!

does this not worry anyone else?

Posted by: adam on 2/2/2011 6:02:49 PM
Awesome sculpts... I gues we're not seeing the new dial yet here. Thanks for sharing!

Posted by: Ianator on 2/2/2011 6:01:34 PM